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Life Coaching: As a trained Motivational Interviewer, with a certificate in Mental Health and over 10 years experience in supporting and training people on a range of issues including counseling on emotional issues, general health and, accessing [UK] NHS effectively, HIV, weight management, eating healthily, etc, I am interested in helping people achieve their focus.

I offer custom support with a focus on achieving goals through simple behaviour changes that becomes part of life. I cover the following issues and more:
  • Healthy lifestyles/ eating well/ weight management
  • Staying motivated
  • Time Keeping
  • Confidence building/ Leadership skills
  • Public speaking/ Presentation/ Running a meeting/group/delivering a speech
  • Constructive public engagement/ critiquing
  • Staff/ Team building
  • Starting a new business
Events/Panels: If you would like me to participate in your event like seminars, conferences, workshops, etc either as a speaker, facilitator, moderator or just a critique from the floor so as provide a balance to the issue in discussion, I am very happy to attend. Please email or call me on the details at the bottom of this page to discuss.

I provide perspectives in the following areas:
  • Faith
  • Politics
  • Human Rights, Equality (especially Gay rights), & Responsibility
  • Culture (especially African and the general black community)
  • Sexuality/Sexual orientation - and faith, culture, society.
  • Community
  • HIV/Sexual health in the UK
  • Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)

Media: I constantly contribute to discussions on the above issues in the media. I have [been] featured on BBC Radio 4, BBC Online, Gaydar Radio, Colourful Radio, Press TV, Guardian Newspaper, Reuters, etc. I have been quoted and featured on many other websites and blogs across the world and humbled that some of my opinions are regarded in that manner.

About me
I have a long experience in playing a part in any community I live through volunteering and have volunteered since I was a boy. Starting from visiting hospitals, prisons and old people with my mum for the Church to playing an active role in the UK voluntary sector. Over the past 8 years since moving to the UK, I have and continued to volunteer for the following charity:
  • African Health Policy Network (AHPN)
  • Christian Aid
  • Foundation for Public Service Interpreting (as an I.T. support person)
  • Homerton University Hospital
  • Positively UK
  • Scope, UK - charity for cerebral palsy
  • Terrence Higgins Trust (THT)
  • UK Coalition of People Living with HIV (UKC - defunct)
  • Richmond Council for Voluntary Service
  • Leith Hill Musical Festival
  • Crisis UK
  • Changing Attitude England
  • Church of England
  • and many other one-offs for events, etc.

I currently sing with Leatherhead Choral Soceity since autumn of 2015. Before that, I sang in Hackney Singers, an community voluntary choir in East London, having sang since I was a boy in a Cathedral Church where I was born. I have sang with different types of singing groups; from the highly classical Cathedral choir to the ordinary boys' school choir, community choir, evangelical groups and African folk singing group.I sang soprano until I was 18 and currently sing tenor. I can sight read but not able to sing along. For over 2 years, I was the male tenor soloist at Christ Church, Crouch End, London where I brought music back to life and also sang with the Church's evangelical band as well as the main choir for mass.

This blog is a means of expressing and contributing my views to current and political affairs especially as it affects the ordinary person. It also adds as an open and challenging voice against homophobia, discrimination, criminalization and stigma against people but especially against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered (LGBT) people.

I grew up in Nigeria and moved to London in 2004. My objective in life is to contribute in whatever humble, sensible and fair way I can to the world. I am a strong believer in fairness and responsibility.

I initially studied computing specializing on multimedia but took an interest in social community afterwards. I went for a certificate in Mental Health and Community Engagement & Research. I completed different short courses on counseling including Motivational Interviewing and Assertiveness with young people amongst many others. I currently work in the public health sector mainly focusing on preventative approach to better health.

To contact me, please send an email to news AT godwyns.com

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