Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Quirky on Instagram

And finally I started an Instagram account.

I take a lot of random photos and most times share them on Facebook or laterly on Whatsapp (status). But I find these media a bit tawdry for this for reasons of overflow or discreetness respectfully. And what is a photo if it is not seen; especially photos that are not attention-seeking but purely highlighting the ordinary beauty in every day things and our environment.

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So check out my photos on instagram and feel free to leave a comment if you like. Some of the
objects could have history and details that I might not have realized or known, please feel free to contribute and enhance their profile.

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Having started the account today, I am playing catch up by uploading so many pics in a short space of time. And hopefully, over time, the rate will reduce to a manageable level.

And please, consider following my account if you like the pics.

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