Friday, June 09, 2017

They Underestimated Jeremy Corbyn; He Overwhelmed Them

They said with him Labour is finished, he increased the number of seats.
They said He is not electable, now they're the ones eating their own words.
They said they can pull the rugs from under his feet by resigning en-masse, he stood rock solid and built a following.
They threaten through their pathetic vote-of-no-confidence that without them (PLP), people wont listen let alone vote for Labour, he's done it in style and overwhelm them with a 40% share of the vote - the biggest for Labour in the past 20 years.

They underestimated Jeremy Corbyn. They underestimated his principles of peace, inclusion, reconciliation and openness. A principle of equality, fair society and support for the vulnerable.

But Corbyn has been vindicated. And those Labour elites and their neo-libs owe him an apology and should take the blame for Labour not being in govt due to their betrayal and secret briefings. Corbyn saved their careers. 
People are fed up with wars, austerity, irresponsible capitalism and govt for the wealthy. And had those idiots and careerists and their so-called 'moderates' not briefed against, savaged the man and stabbed him in the back, perhaps, the victory would have been more different and better.
But some voters looked at them and thought, 'I cant vote for traitors'. And those people are right; never vote for traitors who pretend to care but will give more to their yatch-owning friends while they pretend to give the ordinary man something by offering scraps
Corbyn has proved them wrong in every way. But even farther, he left their very admired 'shtrung' woman limping with her coalition of chaos. Some of them said 7 weeks ago that Mrs May will wipe the floor with Corbyn; now we know who is on the floor wiping the floor. Thank you Corbyn.
And please [Corbyn] use your peaceful, polite approach to forgive these people and bring them back into the fold if they are now ready to work with the rightly elected leader of the Labour party. Next chapter ==> united party lets go forth and win that govt at the next election which is not far off.

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