Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Theresa May Cannot Be Trusted. Here's Why

Theresa May cannot be trusted. Going through a history of her actions, missed targets, failed promises, change of mind, etc, all you can see is a leader (?) who is bent of exploiting every opinion for her own personal career gains.

How can anyone trust a leader who's lied or changed her mind or failed to meet the very targets she sets every step of the way on various major and minor issues. To accept any more of her lies and pretence will amount to stupidity by the country and a blank cheque for her and her ilks to keep lying and taking the polity for granted.

Now lets review her record;

1. On the EU Referendum: Theresa May went around (well, secretly if you ask me) campaigning that UK must remain in the EU including backing that argument with her 'belief' that UK will be more successful and secure in a the EU than outside it. But as soon as the result of the Referendum was announced, May did not just turn to say, ok lets work with what we've got, she turned to say, EU is bad for us. Really?

2. On immigration: Theresa May was Home Secretary for 6 years, earning the accolade as the 'longest serving Home Secretary'; of course, no doubts. But her record was woeful because in the two elections within that period, she put forward a proposal in her brief to reduce immigration to the "tens of thousands" yet never came close in delivering at any time. Instead she resorted to xenophobic and cheap actions of sending vans emblazoned with "Go home" to illegal immigrants. Pathetic and the most stupid policy action - if you consider vans with emblems as policy that is.

3. Snap election: Madam May became Prime Minister in July 2016 and on many occasions when asked if she would go to the country to get a mandate, she said an absolutely no. 'We dont need an election and the term will run through', she declares 'consistently'. Yet, consistent she is not because as soon as her pollsters convinced her a win is in the bag, she declared a snap election. But not only that, it seems there are other reasons, See here.

4. NHS Restructuring: Theresa May was in the Conservatives' senior team who agreed and pushed through the restructuring of the NHS against their promise that it will not happen. Not just that, she is complicit in the govt that took the NHS to a level of humanitarian crisis which happened under her watch this past winter with the elderly left on trollies. You wont like that if it was your nana or grandpa. So dont even defend her if you havent had the first-hand experience.

5. Attack on the self-employed: Becoming the Prime Minister, she imposed an increase in taxation on the self-employed being yet another broken promise of the government's 2015 manifesto .

6. U-turn Manifesto even before the election itself: And worse still, Mrs May attacked the elderly who needs care by setting a very discriminatory threshold of the amount to spend, but not indicating any caps. But hey, the lady of U-turn climbed down in four days... but wait for it; she is not saying what the cap will be. So essentially, Mrs May is now asking the country to vote her without knowing what exactly she will do about social care even in the face of social care crisis. How cheeky?

7. Manifesto without any calculation or indicative source of income: Really? Yea, Mrs May told us so much gibberish that a govt she leads will or can do but gave no indication on how she will pay for them including staying that NHS will get £8b but not explaining if this is new money or not.

8. A discreet proposal to cut public service more: Since Theresa May's manifesto does not contain any costings for her promises but she maintains that she will cut taxes for big corporations, it is evidently clear to see that public services will be the one to suffer. She will again claim there is no money and thus implement more cuts to public services like the NHS and social welfare. This will increase inequality and social injustice which in turn will increase the vulnerability to radicalisation.

The list goes on: Mrs May was and is now part of a govt that has failed on:
  • Deficit,
  • Immigration, 
  • Social justice
  • Inequality
  • Tax evasion  - no surprises here; some members of her cabinet were implicated as running accounts in tax heavens.
  • House building
  • Security services.

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