Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Looks Like There Is War In Tories' Inner Circle!

Theresa May has just taken the political landscape by suprise with the announcement of intention to call a general election in the middle of the current parliament. The irony though is that since taking over as Prime Minister in July last year, Mrs May has strongly maintained that she will see this parliament through as the Prime Minister.

So what has changed? Why did the chicken suddenly crossed the road? Why did Mrs May-the-serious-calculator accept in her speech that she has called a general election "reluctantly"?

Well, politics is like a drama; the audience sees all the expertise, camaraderie and seamless acting without seeing the fight, contest and arguments that goes on behind the scenes. Mrs May who has defended Brexit zealously since her sudden conversion might have been pushed to surrender by the many true pro-Brexiters within the Tory party who thinks she is a stop gap.

It would be overly naive to swallow hook, line and sinker that Theresa May is calling this election because of Brexit; that must be the vaguest reason ever. The possible chances are that;
  1. There has been a challenge in the inner circle of the Conservatives with Mrs May's place threatened due to a suspicion that she is not delivering the 'right' brexit.
  2. Mrs May is using the election to therefore fight back her challengers within the party.
  3. The divide inside the Conservatives party is about to spill out and the decision has been made to use an election to divert the unwanted attention.
  4. Theresa May is being held at 'gun-point' by challengers, mainly pro-brexiters who think this is the right time following the triggering of the Article 50 and the already developed narrative, to take over. These people surely strongly believe that Mrs May is not the right person to implement the extreme brexit that she has rhetorically developed which they though want. So they have challenged her to leave or be done over.
  5. Theresa May think this will give her a double mandate for Brexit.
 To think that the Prime Minister is calling the election she has always refused and rejected as unnecessary, out of her own ordinary willingness would be to believe that fairies exists and that Santa Clause do actually drop gifts for kids at Christmas.

Theresa May is now suddenly the real Theresa Maybe as the Economist rightly used for ads a few weeks ago. This is a high risk gamble, it may pay off or she might regret it. She has just given the country the chance to discuss Brexit, but also the rampaging hardship and failure of many services including health and social care, education, staunted pay and wages, amongst others. Theresa May would win her seat but win a majority? that would take an act of God.

Yet, everyone could now be waking up to the fact that the Tories only makes the country poorer.

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