Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why Comic Relief's Red Nose Day Shames Me

Good job, Comic Relief. But it shames me.

It shames me because as it broadcasts, Africa and it's poverty feature heavily. Africa. That continent blessed with so much natural resources you couldn't make it up; underground, underwater, on-land, human, etc. You just name it and the chances are that it is there. So why the poverty?
Red Nose Day shames me because its success in raising billions details the failure of Africa and it's leadership. Red Nose Day shames me because its success in being the fundraiser of the year paints the picture of Africa's woes. Red Nose Day is, simply put, Africa's  bloody nose.

Why? Why has Africa made itself such laughing stock?  Why has Africa's leaders plundered and colluded with plunderers to make it a breathing case study of pity? Why is Africa so tragically blessed by abundant natural resources but no true, visionary, selfless leaders? Instead it is cursed by too many wasteful, idiotic, shameless and selfish leadership?

Africa. That cradle of the human race [as we're told], yet so devoid of humanity [to itself and it's people].
Africa. That mother continent yet so lacking of the milk of motherhood in its leadership.
Africa. The giant continent yet the crippled leadership.

Africa. The binding curse on a blooming blessing.

Red Nose Day is a good thing and I praise it's founders and inventors, as well as its accomplishments. It is totally admirable.  But by now, if they really want to help Africa,  they should be looking to question the vast incomprehensible absence of change and improvements  from all the years of endless aid than just pouring more funds in. In fact, a better action would be to invent how to challenge African leadership that just cover up their corruption and poor leadership.

Because each time aid donors pour more money in, they exonerate these thieving oblivious leaders that are in charge of governing the place.

Yet I wonder how endlessly long we can continue to cover up the awful mismanagement and woeful plundering of a place while the culprits fatten at their lots. My pain and helplessness at the devastation across our world makes me sometimes consider ending [it]. 

That is why Red Nose Day shames me. 

And yes; blame Westerners for corruption as you may wish, but insider knowledge gives wings to successful corruption. From slave trading to modern economic rip-offs, African insiders have given the key to the plunderers always. It is the same corrupt insiders, through poor leadership and embezzlements that are the reasons Comic Relief's Red Nose Day is successful.

Shame on us Africa.

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