Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Article 50: UK Activates Process To Leave The EU

At last, it's happened. Against all hopes and wishes and assumption, just this moment, British diplomats in Brussels led by Sir Tim Barrow, the EU chief diplomat delivered a letter to the Europan Union President, Donald Tusk, formerly informing the EU that UK wishes to leave the Union. This is history as UK becomes the first full member-state of the EU to trigger the never-used before Article 50. The fun and shock cannot be estimated yet.

In the House of Commons however, the Prime Minister, on whose behalf the letter is delivered, was sweatingly fending off questions from MPs most of whom are in the parties opposite.

Until this moment, many of us have thought that this moment will never come. The 9 months diddle and tattle since the referendum made it even more suspicious that the government was not sure and is not wanting to do this. But finally, it came. And for a long time to come, whether the process is seen through or not, whether it is seen through successfully or wastefully, whether UK leaves the EU or not, 29th March 2017 will be a day to remember. One way or other, it could even become a public holiday.

In the Commons too, 6 minutes after the letter was delivered in Brussels, the Speaker called the Prime Minister to make the accompanying statement that officially trigger the process for parliamentary purposes at least. The speech that followed was not just about that 'taking back control' mess, it was a complete nationalistic, patronizing and populistic speech ever. But thats not for now...

So give or take, by 29th March 2019, UK would officially and hopefully be outside of the EU. As the Prime Minister's speech confirmed,"we know that there will be consequences for the UK. "We know that we will lose influence..." You couldnt make it up. This addition to David Davis accepting that immigration "will likely go up".

The European Union President, Donald Tusk did not waste time in replying. But his reply was so short it leaves you wondering what in the long run the EU actual response to UK trying to jeopardise its union. Whatever that would be, only time shall tell. 

But as I said here before, whether we leave or not, we will all work harder as always to make UK the best it can be regardless of the limits.  Yet, I reserve my doubts and suspicion that UK may not leave the EU [at all].

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