Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The American Presidential Elections - First Mad President or First Woman President

To begin with, presidential elections in the USA is one of the reasons I am quite glad I dont live there let alone to be from that country; no, thanks. And oh! Dont worry, that's just an imagination.

This election and the style it is built on is pure set-up; all other parties are side-tracked, denied platforms and completely suppressed by a system built for the elites which includes the Clintons and the Trumps any way. The same sect that has ran the same system that completely ignores the plights of the poorest and vulnerable for the benefits of their gangs and friends; their donors, lobbyists, connections, etc. These people has consistently ran a system that care less if a poor person can afford healthcare or not, if ordinary people has jobs or not, if ordinary people has homes or not. They dont give a shit.

For them, everything is for sale; and to the highest bidder. For them, success is measured by the balance of your bank account. And worse still, it doesnt matter how you make that money so long as you can gloss over it cleverly with some type of legality; it doesnt matter how you run the contract you've been given so long as you can generate profits and make even more donation. For these lot, dignity is only available for sale. It doesnt matter who is at the receiving end; what matters is who can pay for it and keep the mill rolling.

So now that many Americans are claiming they dont like both main party candidates, you wonder why they dont chose from the albeit unknowns running for the same job through various small parties. But wonder no more. That claim of confusion is also good result for the Trumps and the Clintons. Because essentially, it retains power in their hands. If you're too confused and dont vote, better for them. You either vote for them or just dont vote. After all, they only need a few endorsements called vote to renew their claim to the continuous impunity they have overseen which keeps the rich richer and the poor starving. Its the world of markets.

So since many people in America think of these two as the only options, it'd be great if Trump wins. Why not? He comes with a nasty style that is different from the existing nasty systems. It will lead to either of the following;

1. Clinton wins, you get the same shit: the poor getting poorer, her chums in Wall Street increasing the size of their bonus - no, I am not against bonus and who is to say when it is stupid. Dont ask me.

2. Trump wins, nice. He continues the shit but in a new way. He builds a wall... yea, Wally. He demonize minorities more, encouraging violence, discriminations, stigmatisation, make more enemies, increase racism, crime, murder, attacks on women seeking abortion, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and worse still, the poor gets poorer and are also at more risk.

3. Trump wins, and then realize that running a presidency is not quite as running your own limited company. No. In the later, you can do what you like, the former, sorry, Mr Trump, you need a few approvals here and there. A few compromise, deals, agreements, political truce even in your own party, and the list goes on. So Trump gets frustrated, and resort to instigating things from No 2 above using his default style of blaming everyone else but Trump and inciting violence and all the 'isms possible. Its a vicious cycle.

4. Trump wins... and continues. Four years is a long time. So he fills his time running his mouth while America degenerate into, perhaps, an unofficial civil war. Then the same people who voted him realises that he cant deliver on his promises. He cant build the wall. And even if he has started it, he cant get it to progress let alone finish it. Then they also realize that he is making deals. Then they also found out that they are also victims. That not only have their previous problems of 'migrants' or Mexicans or Muslims, not gone away, but that crime has increased and their safety is more porous than it has ever been. Because xenophobia and racism and misogyny and homophobia comes to their way too either directly or indirectly.

5. Oh Jeez. Trump wins. Those who voted for him join him to blame the whole world. But they check their bank accounts and see that it is not getting any better. That the share 'dividend' - definitely not democracy - they were promised has been liquidated and a long letter of excuse sent to them by Trump through rhetoric. Because once again, Trump the President has declared bankruptcy of his moral and political ability to get anything done. He is clever remember, and he loves filing for bankcruptcy. So they cant blame Trump. But too, fears and phobias and problems has worsened. And this could lead to anything...

6. Trump wins. With all the above going on. War is one possibility. It could be with another country due to Trump's erractic behaviour, threatening other countries or even attacking them without concluding discussions. Walking out of meetings and cancelling deals, may or may not happen because his advisers manages to keep him on the leash - heaven help them. Or then it could be an unofficial or even official civil war. Yes, this is possible. Well, when this time comes, the lines will be redrawn and camps will be re-selected by each individual. All these will be based on how very angry people are or not.

7. Trump wins. But wait, it could all not be as above (2 - 6). No, Trump wins, he becomes tamed by the democratic process which applies brakes. A little scuffle and disagreements with the system and he succumbs. Everything stays as they are and life is bearable as always. Well, this is possible and thus, the only assurance. And based on this, it really doesnt matter who you give your vote to; Trump or Hillary, they are two sides of the same coin.

But take it or leave it, the needed miracle and change is whether thing would get better for the poorest and most vulnerable in America; not whether you get the first woman president or the first mad president. 

Just the righ time to say, Gad save America. Please, God, save her if you do really exist.

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