Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Is The Elites' Hypnotizing Tool Losing Its Potency?

So once again, the Polls, that almighty, divine and omni-present tool used to 'accurately' predict elections' results has failed. At least, in many internationally popular elections that is.

It has been coming for long, but we all chose to ignore it. As the polls got 'sophisticated' which in essence means, as it gots more robotic and turned all voters into pure statistics, so did its usefulness. Getting sophisticated also meant that the Polls became a great tool in the hand of those who can; with all the connections and controls, all the strings to pull and all what-not; the Polls became a way to hypnotize voters everywhere. It worked.

For the Polls to work its magic, the right stakeholders have to be involved though the key players were the ruling elites, the media and the Pollstars themselves. Then comes the others; the right donors, big businesses, variious experts, the financial sector and various armchair professionals and policymakers who learn what ordinary people wants by just looking through the tinted glasses of their cars. Very convenient.

But it was successful nonetheless. With all these keyplayers hooked and working together, the general voters were told what to think by being flooded with all manner of propaganda with the main topic being who has won even before the vote is cast. They also added the other trick of telling us how our communities voted in the past, always and WILL vote this time. The Polls were more all-seeing than the guy called God. It was not just bizarre, it is surreal.

Then comes their main conviction tool, the Focus Group. That listening of all listening. Where these all-seeing people tells prticipants what they want them to hear and almost spoon-feed them the narrative. They develop and design the questions; they phrase and rephrase it, then the sandwiches, poisoned with demand and the drinks from the last meal chalice. In some cases, there is also the actual bribe of monies whether as reimbursements or as a 'token'.  Funny though, the Focus Group crowd are always sourced and selected on criteria which usually and all truly does not represent true community of humans.

But all these are successful because with the media, the elites' wishes are reinforced through screaming headline after headline, and by managing the conversation. The media - that main keyplayer - goes further; they tell us who is worthy to be listened to based on the Polls. So they end up with their so-called debates where they parade their accepted candidates and pre-format the questions, handpick the audience and in some cases, bar anyone from asking any questions at all of their crowned princes - yes, usually it is men.

But recently, from the UK General Elections 2015, to the UK Labour Party leadership contest right after, then the UK Referendum to leave the European Union, and now the USA Presidential Election. There are others. The all-seeing Polls failed and failed woefully to predict any of these results right. Simply because it was not looking at the people but at their robots within the Focus Groups minded by the media and funded by the biggest money-bags.

But now, the people has woken up. The hypnotism has worn off and the actual people are no more listening. The Polls has lost its potency but sure, something, some new approach, some new tactics will replace it but unless it is totally new, the failure may continue.

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