Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Sexuality and the Gospel" - Andrew Wilson Creates A Lie About Sex, Marriage & Sexuality

Oh my god! This is the most ignoble thing I have heard about marriage, sex and sexuality. It is either Pastor Andrew Wilson is deliberately lying or simply ignorant in this video below. Whichever it is, it is fraudulent to say things for the sake of it. You dont need a doctorate to understand the difference between the three issues.

To beging with, marriage, sexuality and sex has nothing to do with each other but, they can and do work with each other. That means that each can be on its own and survive quite happily without the other. It goes this way...

Marriage: is a union of two or more people for mutual respect, support and company. Regarding types of marriage, the link below will explain more.

Sexuality: is the expression of a person's attraction, desires, personality, gender and biological orientation or not of all or any of these. This makes sexuality, personal and livable with or without other/s. It is about the sexual feelings and attractions we feel towards other people or not; it is not about who we have sex with or not. That's why some people are also non-sexual in their sexuality. Sex isnt essentially required to fulfill or complete sexuality. Because...

Sex: is the act of having a sexual intercourse with oneself or another. You can masturbate or engage in sex with another person.

And to add, LOVE has nothing to do with any of the above too. Love is the ability to feel, share, empathise, care, commit to and be there for other/s UNCONDITIONALLY. Although in a sexual relationship, love is considered stronger because you know someone beyond their public-self seeing them wholly as they are - naked, their scars, deformities, what/how they taste, and possibly, feeling beyond their outer skin.

So listening to Andrew Wilson in his balderdash, you can imagine how he has managed to confused the young people who were listening to them. For good measure, you can read this post which I wrote some time ago about marriage, (14 Things You Need To Know About Marriage) in relation to religion (gospel, Christianity, Islam, Budhism, Judaism, etc).

Marriage existed - in many forms - before all religions. And again, both (marriage and religion) are good in their own rights and as such, can survive without each other. Neither are a requirement for a happy life for any individual. Mariage can work without falling in love but could be more enjoyable if those involved love themselves as defined above - UNCONDITIONALLY.

To conclude, you can be in a marriage without having sex, you can express your sexuality without [having] sex or marriage and you can love without the condition of sex, marriage or sexuality. What matters is that you do any of these of your own volition, does not harm another when you do and do them with full knowledge, consent and preparedness for their consequences.

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