Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Would You Remember About David Cameron

Today, David Cameron will end his term as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in what has been a dramatic if not the most eclectic Premiership of modern times. From his time winning the Conservatives Party leadership to his eventual crowning as Prime Minister, Mr Cameron has really not been that politician whom you could associate with a set of belief or focus; instead, as the PR man he was, he has guaged the wind at every turn in relation to his career. It is no surprise that it was one of those gamble that ended up costing him his job, so abruptly.

David Cameron is surely not a man of convinction of any type thus most if not all his decisions were shorterm thereby slowly eroded the country while dwelling on endless platitudes including the following;

"We're all in this together" - But surely we are not, never been and under the Conservatives, will never be.
"One nation Tory" - Well, judge for yourself; his shortermism nearly broke the country and the threats remain.
"Big society" - Erm... what happened there?
The above added to the following, creates the legacy Mr Cameron leaves and on balance, it is not good let alone enough.

Three referenda (referendums if you prefer): In 6 years as Prime Minister, thats a record. It's almost as if he was competing with Switzerland... Funny enough, on each, he missed employing critical thinking hence either going at them half-heartedly and below par or hanging on wishes and the effort of others like the Labour and Liberal Democratic Parties to win them.
The Electoral System (AV) referendum was not up to expectation
The Scottish referendum was not necessary or required when full devolution could have subsisted.
The European referendum was not necessary where again, better approach to reforming the European Union would have been the best.

Foodbank proliferation: Under Mr Cameron's premiership, poverty rose unhinged; homelessness, child poverty, poor welfare for disabled people and continuous gentrification that equals class cleansing of certain places across the country while pushing the poorest to places starved of infrastructure necessary for social mobility.

Trippling university tuition fees: This nearly marred Mr Cameron's first term in office and will forever be remembered as it caused more chaos than ever seen since the demonstration against Iraq invasion in 2003. And worse still, this would be remembered years on as those students get into working life and live with the debt that for many who has no family money to inherit, live the majority of their lives paying the enormous debt or having it hung over their head.

Not thought-through policies: This was a constant. In fact, it was so regular, it became a tradition after each budget. From the charity tax, pasty tax, to petrol jerrycan run and most recently, the farcical European negotiation; dont ask me what that was, even Cameron cant explain it.

Breaking the country apart: For a man who spend so much harping on 'Big Society' and 'One nation' - neither of which meant a thing - it beggars believe to think that he left the country on a brink of breaking up. Not only might Scotland seek to leave the Union if the UK break out of the EU, but the unification of Northern Ireland back into the Republic of Ireland is a possibility if Northern Ireland people feels dragged out of the EU.

Cuts to public services: This is another lasting legacy of Cameron's time as Prime Minister. While he - like Blair - maintains against all evidences that he was right to pursue such level of damaging cuts to public services, it is now true - again like Blair - that those cuts were not necessary, not the only option and far above everything, was and did not yield any improvement to the economy considering that the public debt grew instead of reduced.

Equality of marriage: A very welcomed social progress. Mr Cameron can be praised for this. In fact, I am one of his biggest admirers for getting this done. Still not out of conviction but the only gain of his shortermism. It was his shortermism to latch up to the wind of progress that saw him move for this and relying on the Labour Party to achieve it.

Decimating the NHS: Among everything Mr Cameron did in office, his top-down restructuring of the NHS was the worse and extremely damaging to the entire country no matter whom. No only that, this went as far as eating up and eroding Public Health, causing massive confusion and now making the NHS and health money return on investment equalling to almost zero. Waiting time has gone up, doctors' time now focused on trying to negotiate contracts at the expense of patients, and even sadder, the NHS and local authority are now more scared of being dragged to courts for not allowing for-profit organisations bid for healthcare contracts that focus is no more on dignity but on legal safety of that.

Coalition government: This was a first for many in a long time. However, regardless all its ills which include all the above, Cameron can be praised for keeping it together through the term. It must have been difficult but it showed his ability to pander to different factions and try to please all which in essence takes one back and re-enforces that notion that he lacks conviction. But still, a job well done.

Finally, the man who came promising to modernise the nasty (Conservatives) party, leaves it ever more but subtly dangerous and class-focused. The above and many others are the things that this young man whose face always looked placid.

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