Monday, July 11, 2016

The Labour Party Leadership Coup

Right after the UK Referendum on 23rd June, the long-awaited coup against the incumbent Labour Party leader was put into plan on the premise that he failed to 'win' the election. This is not just shocking, it is absurd considering the leader of the Labour party did not call the election in the first place. And secondly, according to available statistics, Labour party voters - whatever that is - voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.

Dame Margaret Hodge, Labour MP for Barking
However, the above isn't just the main problem. The problem is that those Labour MPs who wanted the Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to stand down, decided to instead go about it through a very undemocratic and bullying way by demanding the leader should resign against the wishes of the wider party membership. Their demand was later underpinned by a 'no-confidence vote' tabled by Dame Margaret Hodge (pictured).

In effect, they wanted to force the leader out under a somewhat 'virtual gun' threat. Luckily enough, Mr Corbyn knows his rights under the party's rule and refused to bulge. In the event, an impasse ensued where these detractors invoked all propaganda in the book; from claiming that they face 'threat' - note that they are threatening the leader - and 'attack' - not again that they are attacking the leader - to some of them claiming that their staff are going to work under fear of their life. Some of them even claimed that they also faced homophobic attack, etc. Well, if these claims were true - I for one think they are not hence I called them propaganda; and I will explain - no one should threaten or harass another, be they MPs harassing the Party leader or party members harassing MPs.

Why do I think the above were propaganda? Because these MPs wanted to reverse the case and claim to be the victim when actually the things they are describing as threats, attacks, homophobia, etc are simply people like me asking them to play fair. Asking them not to bully and attack the leader. And asking them to follow the proper and due process if they wish to challenge the Leader. The Labour party rule book clearly allows for sitting Labour leaders to be challenged and stipulates this along the procedure for electing a leader.

Secondly, these bullies claim they are being threatened because some of use reminded them that they could be deselected from representing their constituencies. This is a legitimate democratic sentence to make and is not a threat unlike them who demanded and tried to force out an elected leader. But they turn it on its head and claim it is a threat. An MPs job is not a life peerage. The position is elected and therefore should be open to contest when the time comes to renew it at General Election. In that case, it should be open to all eligible persons who wishes to represent their area under the party to have equal access to be that person following the due and proper process.

Finally, many has argued that the leader is not being bullied. But he is. Bullying simply means when you try to impose on someone, intimidate and force them to do otherwise something they have the right not to do or would rightly and consciously not want to do. And this is what those who intimidated Mr Corbyn with resignation from the Shadow Cabinet tried did. It is therefore unfair and undemocratic. They could simply have challenged him and see if they win so they can replace him.

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