Friday, June 24, 2016

So Where Next For The UK?

So finally the UK voted to leave the European Union. Too bad. Regardless, we all - whether we voted to remain or leave - now have a duty to work even harder for the country we want.

Nonetheless, those who voted remain, would need to be civil and kind to support the majority who voted to leave on the basis that EU free movement will end, because it will not unless we will prefer to face a tedious trading deals and sky-high tariffs with our closest neighbours. Many leave voters' hearts would soon be broken by their darling deceivers on immigration, £100m weekly for the NHS and worse still, slow economy.

The only other way is for UK to become a tariff-free country so to attract trade but the consequence of that would be week Sterling that would make local manufacturing difficult thereby impacting on jobs, thus govt tax receipt, thus fewer money to fund services, thus slower economy.
And tariff-free could mean we become a dumping ground for poor quality products which will sell because weak manufacturing and services means slower economy means fewer jobs means lower income...

If however UK refuses to be a tariff-free economy, then it faces mountainous challenge in negotiating useful broader-covering trade deals considering that some of the big economies also boast of huge markets and which they can dangle to ignore our tiny island.

The UK would surely survive outside the EU but survival is not good enough when it could have been leading and rubbing shoulders among the decision-makers.

The entire blame lies on David Cameron. He played a gamble with this just in the effort to please his whining small-minded backbenchers while running scare of UKIP. His resignation in light of the result is in order considering that the referendum was never necessary in the first place.

David Cameron
Cameron has served as Prime Minister riding on luck since his leadership of the Conservatives Party, but alas, luck does run out. There has been the top-down restructuring of the NHS (which is beginning to unravel badly), the Electoral System Referendum, then the Scottish Referendum, then the EU Referendum... His legacy does look glum and shoddy; but worse still, as the man who broke the Unions left, right and centre.

It is sad for a man who you could see his potential to be truly compassionate as he got torn and got swindled by political deal-making and career-saves. Yet, he'd also be remembered as the man who detoxified the Tory brand. Although that detoxification doesn't seem to have stuck as things stand.

The UK going forward is faced with the biggest challenge of a lifetime. The next two years would be poignant on what happens. Would the UK;
  • trigger and really leave the EU or
  • have another Referendum whether to leave the EU or
  • break up with Scotland parting way
  • And what happens to the other nations?
  • Could Northern Ireland finally decide to join back to Republic of Ireland?
The water ahead is choppy, stormy, uncharted and the ship is out of its depth.

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