Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Could The UK Re-join The EU To Find Turkey..?

So one of the reasons Leave campaigners in the UK European Union referendum pushed forward during the campaign was/is that Turkey could join the European Union soon. And this, they said is a problem as it could mean 78million Turks having free movement access (if not all moving) to UK.

But now that the UK voted to leave, and those who fronted the above campaign are backtracking from implementing it or sounding feeble about the free movement they so much railed against, it wouldn't be strange to wonder that UK may even seek to  re-join the EU in the not-distant future.
In fact, that's not just strange or wishful thinking because the Liberal Democrats has declared that it would take up the campaign on the opposite side of UKIP (UK Independence Party) to campaign for the UK to re-join the EU. No just that, many who voted to leave are now shocked that they got what they voted for or no more wish it is as is now.

Perhaps UK would surely and finally implement to leave the EU in the next 2 - 3years. And so it goes, we leave. But then, few years down the line, UK might realise its not working well being out of the single market of the EU and therefore wish to either re-join fully (could be impossible as it should go to the back of the queue - remember that phrase?) or at least accept free movement like Norway, which is the bedrock of the single market; would it be shocking that it finds Turkey already either full members of EU or perhaps, as well, part of the single market with free movement too?

Time is a predictor and this could be more likely than imagined right now. And then it would look utterly stupid as this vote currently looks. Anyway, the following quote sums it up better than I ever could...


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