Friday, May 06, 2016

Lesson From UK Local Elections For The Labour Party

The Lesson is this:
In Scotland, Ruth Davidson mimicked Corbyn; coming out clear, bold and specific with opposition to independence and challenging the establishment. Labour on other hand, was sitting on the fence, dithering and trying to compete with the SNP. Voters does not like imitators. It shows.
The so-called moderates in the national Labour party just want to dither, and not directly, boldly challenge the status quo. They refuse to join Corbyn in clearly, trully and wholeheartedly standing up against injustice, income inequality, homelessness and poverty. They prefer to compete with the Tories in privatising everything and using the bubble of the property markets as marker for economic growth.

Jeremy Corbyn may not be the most PR-savvy, chameleonic or clever-suit type politician, but his honesty and understanding of real issue is a key weapon the Labour party could use to rejuvenate itself. Instead, critics within the party are trying to compete with the Conservatives in being a party for the rich and wealthy, in the name of aspiration

While these detractors would like to speak savvy to the electorate and play to every PR tactics with their media manipulators, deploying their polls and manipulating policies for the benefits of their wealthy friends, what they have failed to understand is that voters are tired of the con.

The Labour Party would have done better in 2016 local elections, including in Scotland had the so-called moderates unified behind the leader for the fresh message he brings; a message without cunning; a message that is bold, clear and direct, addressing the issues that matters. A message that challenges the status quo and clearly seeks an inclusive progress for all, not just for those who can buy it with their party donations and shell company shares.

But no, the so-called moderates in the Labour party just want to compete with the Tory party in selling even their own souls. All they care about is power. They talk of aspiration but not the foundations for the actual actions that can enable aspiration. They want to create a world where everything is for sale and dignity does not matter at all. And that is their problem with Jeremy Corbyn: he wants to address inequality at its core thus exposing their skin-deep care for inequality.

So unless the Labour Party unifies behind the fresh, bold, challenging, unadulterated message of equality, justice, equal opportunity, dignity, transparency and inclusivity, the party will continue to suffer regardless who is the leader. This is the only way Labour will provide a clear choice for voters not by upholding business-as-usual as the Tories do.

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