Friday, March 18, 2016

Iain Duncan Smith Against Cuts To Disability? Absolute Gimmick!

Iain Duncan-Smith
Drama can never get more dramatic itself. In fact, tricks too had never been so tricky in themselves. These are the only possible lens through which to look at this new development in the Conservatives Cabinet.
A govt that has made it its mission to punish the most vulnerable while at the same time enriching the wealthiest through tax cuts, ignored tax collection, sale-off of State assets, privatisation of every and any remaning public service and worse
still, freezing of public servants' wages amongst others.
To think that anybody who has supported such govt, let alone been part of and at the centre of it, designing and implementing the horrendous punishment to the most vulnerable and poorest in our society, even the very individual who oversaw the heartless cuts to public support system, that that person has now suddenly realised otherwise, must be myth!
Iain Duncan Smith has been Secretary of State for the Dept of Works & Pension since the very start of this govt as the main part of the Coalition. For 6 years, he turned a blind eye, deaf ear and a super hyper-insensitivity to sucides of distressed disabled people whose State support were taken away. He argued otherwise and even awarded contracts to the likes of Atos to carry out shoddy, inhuman and insensitive assessments and did nothingvwhen complains were made of such. How could this man after 6 years of such immeasurably irreversible damage, suddenly claim to be on the side of those he has so sadistically enjoyed lampooning as benefit scroungers?
Mr Duncan Smith can, if nothing at all, have the guts to say thw truth about why he is resigning and not use even this to trick us and extend the nastyness of his party. It may be spring but Mr Duncan Smith couldnt just have turned a new leaf in the twinkle of an eye. Just like that? No! Not even a chameleon can beat this speedy change.
Besides, why did Mr Duncan Smith waited two days after the budget to then accept that “While they (the cuts) are defensible in narrow terms, given the continuing deficit, they are not defensible in the way they were placed within a Budget that benefits higher-earning taxpayers.”? But this is the 6th year of the same shit. Where has this his kindness been all along?
Wasnt his Dept, under his leadership, involved and agreed on the terms of review during the writing of the Budget? If his Dept was overlooked, shouldnt he has resigned in that process? Or if he was kept in the dark, shouldnt he has resigned right after the Budget was announced?
This pretentious step can only be due to the followings;
  1. That his resignation is a party gimmick orchestrated by him, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to make us think 'how nice';
  2. He has been forced (pushed) out of his position for some reason;
  3. The EU debate line drawn in the Cabinet has got even redder and something more will follow; or
  4. He is positioning himself as a so-called 'compassionate conservative' in addition to his Brexit credential to contest the party leadership that is impending.
But whatever the reason for his resignation, the country will be hard-done by to believe that it was because Mr Tough Cuts suddenly  realised that his govt is punishing the vulnerable.
He can accuse his colleagues as much he likes but he is and will always be complicit in the damage and carnage this govt, of which he has been a core part of, has caused.

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