Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Cameron Is Stepping Down Earlier Than Expected

After a whirlwind of trips and on-going negotiation on the EU referendum, David Cameron did not only signal that he is unsure of the way forward, but his tepid result from the EU shows that he is going down a slope in his position as the Prime Minister.

Mr Cameron may boast that he brought back concessions from the EU on benefits but that's more like wasting a lot of energy making a bad matter worse. He knows from the depth of his heart that the EU has litle to do with the details of how we run social welfare in this country as long as it is not discriminatory;  mr Cameron could have focused on reviewing benefits to match it with what is obtainable in other EU countries like Spain and Germany, etc.

But approaching it this way has simply handed more arsenal and increases scepticism about the EU in the mind of the Eurosceptics. In fact, Mr Cameron has only managed to upstage the EU as the bad boss which it actually isnt. It is this abdication of responsibilities by our government that fuels the scepticism about EU and take away the focus on reforming the EU. This singular approach by the Prime Minister has just increased the chances that the referendum could be an exit. Watch this space!

In the event that this country votes to leave the European Union, Mr Cameron cannot escape the blame that he set it up to be so. And as such, will not survive his premiership to his own wishful timing.

In fact, come rain or shine, vote to stay in or leave, I'll be shocked if Cameron stays in his position whatever the result. Because either way, he could be blamed for a lot and rightly so. Even in the likely event of a win vote to remain in the EU, Cameron can still be blamed for propping up the EU and his party wont endorse him going forward.

In a nutshell, the following points sums how Mr Cameron knowingly or unknowingly uppstaged the EU and will have a negative impact on the ensuing referendum:
  • He made a promise to run a referendum due to his short-termism and career protection.
  • He went about blaming the EU for benefits which his own govt could fix
  • He then embarked on a trip to negotiate the benefits fixing with other EU country thereby endorsing the arguement that the EU dictate for the UK
  • He finished the negotiation with almost nothing thereby establishing that the EU does not allow us to run our own country
  • He then fixed a date far away in the summer thereby giving time for all the above insinuations to sink and germinate and poison more minds
Sorry Dave, but if you escape this unscathed, you'd make the Guiness Book of Records as the most savvy, magical and pre-eminent Prime Minister ever. In fact, you will replace Churchill in my own books.

Someone need to tell Cameron that he cannot be all things great to all men. Playing Churchill, Thatcher and Blair all at the same time is a gamble too huge to dabble into. But no way, you can only be yourself to be successful.

Adieu, Prime Minister in advance. Your days are numbered to June 24th!

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