Sunday, February 21, 2016

Europea Union Or The Commonwealth

The UK is clamouring to leave the European Union. Had the Prime Minister not succumbed to the unnecessary scare by his far-right compatriots, this current unnecessary chaos would have been avoided including the enormous amount of time he has spent trying to work out a settlement that may prevent that exit. But we are where we are...

This energy would have instead been invested in to strengthen the reputation of UK by working to leave or improve the aimless and ineffective Commonwealth. Why belong to a club full of a bunch of corrupt countries with ever so high level of human rights violations, backward thinking, and not offering full freedom and dignity to their citizens.

Worse still, the Commonwealth has no objectives and produces no effective policy, does not come with any trade or economic benefits, lacks a unitied or unifying voice and regrettably enough, is a moribund, directionless organisation that has failed at every turn and on every issue that plagued it. From poverty, to enterprise, to health issus, - HIV, malaria, polio, ebola - to social mobility; not even to talk of equal opportunity for its citizens both in terms of social equality and political or economical. And the elephant in the rooml; sexual orientation and gender identity. If anything is worth distancing oneself from, shouldnt it be this irrelevant organisation [the Commonwealth]?

The argument about the EU exit may well differ slightly in that it focuses on immigration and freedom of movement both of which are either, or; yet, UK would be far better off as not a part of the drama that is the Commonwealth, or should take the same fight to the moribund club to revive it into usefulness. The later; i.e. reviving the Commonwealth - could benefit the UK better as it can then be in a stronger position to leave the EU and be part of something worthwhile; that is, if that revival includes trade and economic benefits. After all, the Commonwealth has a far bigger market than the EU.

Although the UK will not suffer greatly outside the EU, yet it has better benefits, opportunities, and advantages as part of the EU [at least for now]. And regarding the special place the UK has in the EU, in regards to currency unification which it has not joined, progressive laws which it has led in, political, economic and of course reduced beauracracy for trade between citizens, the UK is best placed to making its repuation even better. Leaving the EU could only weaken all that but hopefully not damage it.

And taking the above into consideration, the Prime Minister's time would have been more beneficial had it been invested into leaving or making the Commonwealth better and useful.

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