Saturday, February 27, 2016

Can The UK Innocently Wash Its Hands Off The EU?

The most spoken rhetoric in the UK presently ,is "The EU"! All in the fight of whether to be or not to be. It is almost like a nightmare where a person lash out at his/her physical body.
This problem isnt one-sided. Both those campaigning for UK to remain part of "the EU" and those campaigning to leave are guilty of this problem. It is cancerous. It is the height of madness and reeks of cowardice.
In fact, when we [in UK] say "the EU", we are not excluded. We are "the EU" and "the EU" is us! We helped shape "the EU" and should stop the cowardice!
Washing our hands off "the EU" in this way and addressing it as the other is irresponsible, cowardice and above all, selfish.
Whatever "the EU" is today, we contributed and helped make it. We sent our quota to its parliaments, we took our chair of the Council when it was our turn, we sent our legal luminaries to participate, we had our commissioners, and other technocrats in its backrooms, and even worse, we provided its first Foreign Affairs Chief. We cant just now simply wash our hands and keep talking of "the EU" as if it is an alien power that has forced itself unto us all this while.
We did just wake up and find this colonial power [the EU] lording itself over is and hence [we] take up arms to rid us of it. Unlike the European colonialists of centuries gone, the EU establishment of today is concensual. If Britain, Netherlands, Portugal, etc, ran their former colonies in the model of "the EU", they might still be empires today... well, empire? Just.

It is the peak of irresponsibility to suddenly blame an equal partner, be it intimate or business, for all the woes. In trying and to achieve that, you remove yourself and address it as the other. You reject it and in the course, do nothing to help, improve it or make it any better. And with all these, comes the denial of all or whatever good you have achieved together. It is foolish!
UK can go it alone but could be stronger with a companion it can share the journey with.
And this is what the IN campaigners can do. They can still regain their senses and talk of "the EU" as us. Extol all we as "the EU" has achieved together; project that to what more we can do as a team; take responsibility for what has not worked well and proffer new and fresh solutions on how to solve them and move forward, stronger.
Instead of railing at it like lunatics, we should put the energy genuinely into making it better. We should take reaponsibility. We should accept our part of the failure and seek to amend things. Running away and throwing our toys off the pram will not solve it. And even worse, where will it end? Wales blaming "the UK"? Yorkshire blaming England? Which divide next?
But only when the above fails, should we take our bow and leave it to doom... if doom its destination be.

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