Tuesday, November 10, 2015

UK Conservative Government And The EU Debacle

David Cameron got here - shamefully, not alone but with us all - because of his very timid leadership on the EU matter. At some point, he seemed to have reined it in and has taken charge. But that was for as brief as a day.

Although as said previously on this blog, Cameron is far less likely to win the arguement for various and quite obvious reasons;
1.  Cameron and his government has approached this matter in a messy and less pragmatic way.
2.  It doesnt seem Cameron amd his team takes the matter as serious as it seems if at all they are TRULY working for UK to remain in the EU.
3.  Cameron himself sends mixed signals about what he wants.
4.  Factions in the Conservatives party are using the matter as a game to flex muscles and thus make the party lack a single focus.
5.  Cameron seems unsure where he stands on the matter.

With the Conservative govt team behaving in what could be seen as disregard for the other participants in the failing EU project, the assumption that those others will simple roll over and let UK gets anything she wants is a dream in a dream.

Besides that point, the UK Conservatives government has demands that also doesnt seem to have considered how it'd affect the other members. Had this been thought through, Cameron would be presenting the case differently than he currently does.

Change is possible but personal politics are still on the path to that. The EU definitely need a reform. It has traveled to its current form in a somewhat dream-walking state. It needs a route map and clarity as to where it is heading. That in particular is just and simply not clear.

And it is the above that nakes it necessary for reform of the EU. But someone has to propose it in a more coherent, thoughtful and pragmatic way for all the inmates of the EU bureaucratic madhouse.

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