Monday, November 30, 2015

Labour MPs And The Deselection Propaganda

A [re-]selection process before an election is not wrong! In the spirit of 'equal opportunities', a position for a public office should be open and available to all eligible persons to compete for. And Local party membership should have the right and opportunity of listening to the interested candidates and selecting who runs to represent them [before each election]. It is absolutely arrogant and selfish of any MP or anybody at all to claim that such a democratic process threatens or bullies them. It goes to show how little such persons care about democracy and its processes.

This same democratic process is replicated on a wider scale when Parliament is put up for election every now and then... currently on 5years fixed term. But these people want to insist that once they have their foot in the door, they should not be challenged. That is bollocks! And purely undemocratic.

Nobody should feel guilty or even hide their opinion of calling for a  re-selection process in their local party. In fact, if proper democracy is to be implemented, each MP regardless of party should face their local party membeship and be open for challenge. The sitting MPs and any others who want the job should have an equal opportunity to make a fresh case why they should be put forward to represent that party. And thus it is upto local party members to listen to those cases and chose who they send to be consdered by the general electorate. 

What these MPs who claim they are being pressured or bullied are encouraging is the same thing we have seen in the wider white-collar job sector where through apprenticeship, only those with their foot in the door get to get the best jobs. As we know, this fuelled inequality and massively disenfrachised people from poorer background who could not afford to work for free via apprenticeship. It is wrong to hear that political parties, themselves funded by taxpayers money are encouraging the same. An MPs job should not be for life; or else we shouldnt have general elections.

If those who are using deselection as a propaganda have faith in their own work, they should be ready to face the challenge of a selection process and make their case. And if they feel the process was skewed against them, should take their case to the party's complaint system for redress.

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