Sunday, August 02, 2015

Why Jeremy Corbyn May Not Succeed As Leader

It was just around 10pm on May 7th when the first exit polls at UK General elections indicated that the Labour party will not get enough seat in Parliament to form a government after all. I remember the news while driving home and thought; 'not surprised'!
Many other people could not believe the exit poll either; and I struggled to accept that the Conservatives 'may' - just may - clear it on to a majority, albeit a terribly slim one. Yet, I wasnt shocked... Simply because I was convinced all along that the Labour party did not offer any clear principles - definitely not ones to regard as 'pure' different - from the Conservatives; and neither did the Liberal Democrats. In fact, in many tweets before the election, my former Labour friends and colleagues wouldnt accept my suggestion, let alone believe me that Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, collectively known as the "3 main parties", appeared to be like 1 side of the same triangle. And on that note, I wasnt surprised at the result. That was so because, no sensible person would go for a 'fake'.

So, after the election, the Leadership vacuum was created with the new realisation. When Labour decided to fill the position, one was once again sure but worried that the line up were going to be the same fakers. The problem is, they are genuine only on the basis that they want power. Nothing more.

And so it was with the very first 'entryists' being the career-focused Kendalls and Umunnas and Hunts. Having that initial line up meant that the debate was going to be the same regurgitated gibberish about power. But gladly, Mr Corbyn came along... and it all changed. Thus everyone seemed to welcome the breathe of fresh air when Mr Corbyn declared he was going to run. I remember tweeting in response that I will join back Lanour if Corbyn got on the ballot paper because he brings a voice to mine ; and was welcomed back my many former campaigning colleagues.

Fast forward to now, less than 3months after, and the same people who welcomed Corbyn's participation are now accepting that they were morons and showing their sense of entitlement that otherwise doesnt include Mr Corbyn; thank goodness.

And as such, their jealousy and fury at Corbyn only predicts one thing; these morons and transplant surgeons will go at any length to make Jeremy Corbyn's term as a Leader tough were he to win. In fact, to prove themselves right, they will most probably, go to the extent of making sure he doesnt win the 2020 General Elections.

The way they sound now, it'd be a miracle if they dont scupper everything he tries to do as a Leader. I can already sense the back-biting and briefing that will happen; the unnecessary shadow cabinet resignations, the rebellions and worse still, the abstaintions on bills or even subtly, absence on major bills just to bring him down.

But these shameless Labour people wont be alone either. The Euro-crats and world capitalism bureau will help them. The world markets would not want anyone who would shake things up and advocate for fair wealth distribution or a just tax system (disclaimer: I do not agree with high taxation. In fact I strongly think that tax should not be above 23.75% of anybody's earnings; rich or poor).

It therefore seems that Jeremy Corbyn if he wins, will not run short of 'BBC-level fracas re Clarkeson' to distract him from the job. And where he decides to ignore, will be betrayed, disrupted and massively briefed against if not openly denounced just to bring him down.

So bring on the drama and possibly, bring on Jeremy Corbyn's fall. It surely would be, if not more, dramatic and catastrophic as his entrance into the race.

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