Monday, August 24, 2015

Virgin Atlantic Rips Vulnerable Passengers Off!

When you open Virgin Atlantic annual report 2014, the first page that actually expresses the company mission bears the following inscriptions:

Our purpose
To embrace
the human spirit
and let it fly

Our ambition
To be the airline
most loved by
our customers
We will achieve this
by being uniquely
Virgin Atlantic

However, in actual reality, the above seems to be pure lies. I will explain.

So a pensioner books the so-called e-ticket, then received a letter informing her of the postponement of a very important hospital appointment for a chronic condition. She calls up Virgin Atlantic to cancel, due to the necessity, but Virgin Atlantic refuses every possible alternative and instead, refunds just 17% of the ticket price while keeping the rest £700!

This is so appalling it will make anyone livid with anger; and I am. This is regardless of the poor pensioner - with threatening conditions to her bones and suspected problem with her spine - providing evidence of postponement of her appointment by sending Virgin Atlantic the letter from the hospital as they requested. Of course, Virgin Atlantic could say that the patient is not deemed unfit to fly; and the passenger isnt claiming that because, Virgin Atlantic staff - if they are not outsourced that is - should know that NHS appointments are not easy to come by and as such cannot be toyed with especially when the condition is a matter of urgency.

However, what is bizarre is that looking at the above 'vision' as claimed by Virgin Atlantic, it is entirely misleading since the company is doing the absolute opposite by actions such as this. It can be understood if Virgin Atlantic keeps 17% of the over all price as admin charge for cancellation than keeping 83% for a ticket that was cancelled within 8 working days of booking and the flight still 6 weeks away.

Virgin Atlantic is surely not being exactly what its ambition or  purpose stated above. For this particular passenger, whom I really commiserate with, it is hard to see how Virgin Atlantic could continue to be "the airline she most loved"  from this time onwards.

Most importantly, this depicts the argument that companies like Virgin Atlantic purely places profits over people; surely the epitomic evil of consumerism and capitalism which the majority of the world are crying out against these days.

It is greedy, tasteless and inhuman to confiscate 83% of the price of a service that was cancelled with ample notice - 6 weeks to be precise, in the name of Terms and Conditions.

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