Thursday, August 06, 2015

If Prostitution Is Wrong Because Of Pimps, Is Democracy Wrong Because Of Corruption?

Every time the issue of decriminalising prostitution is raised, opponents argue that such move would only empower criminals who traffick and pimp prostitutes. Secondly, they also argue that prostitution degrades of women. Both are partially lies. Legalising prostitution cannot lead or stop either misfortunes from happening.

Moreover, arguing that prostitution degrades women takes away the fact that many - and I mean MANY - men engage in prostitution too. In fact, there may be more men in
prostitution than women. This is high because the criminalisation of homosexuality means that one of the ways to satisfy sexual feelings by some gay men is through male prostitutes. But also, it is known that many elderly women do use male prostitutes too; again because of the societal disapproval of type or other. These too, arent modern.

What is clear is that the argument against prostitution is purely based on morality; that great enemy of freedom of individual expression and personal fulfillment. From gay people's rights to religious rights; from women vote, to freedom from slavery, moralists have always come up with this argument that allowing people to live and control their lives, and make their choices, is always harmful to them (the moralists).

But prostitution is a choice like any other career choice. You can chose either to be a cleaner or a criminologist, a pilot or prostitute; yet, whatever career you chose, the chance that it rhymes with what you have always wanted can be as slim as a strand of hair. Careers are in most or some cases, arrived at by mistakes, including pressures and influences; either by other people, for love or hate; or by accidents due to events in one's life. This brings to mind the famous sentence kids make... 'when I grow up, I want to be a... [insert yours here]'.

The argument therefore that legalising prostitution will encourage crime is a convoluted one. In fact, like other rights already referenced, the proponents of banning prostitution tend to be unable to separate the personal choice from the criminal acts. For instance, in the morality-led witch-hunt of LGBT people in Uganda recently through the Anti-Homosexuality Law finally enacted this year, the proponents of that law included punishments for gay men who have sex with underage claiming that homosexuality leads to sex with underage. This is untrue! Paedophillia occurs among both heterosexual and homosexuals. And so does rape.

This therefore raises the question; if banning prostitution hinders pimps and traffickers, would banning banking stop fraudulent and corrupt bankers? If banning prostitution limits crimes, shouldnt we ban democracy so as to limit deceitful and misleading politicians, some of whom their corrupt and wicked actions enslave, manipulate and punish some of the most vulnerable people in our societies?

In fact you can think thoroughly and are intelligent enough to separate these issues, you'd realise that prostitution as a career or hobby is by no means harmful; but trafficking and pimping can lead to terrible crimes and harm. However, legalising prostitution would give those who chose it the ability to trade in their own time, by their own terms. By being able to select, accept or refuse [their own] clients, they can limit the risk of just going with every 'dick' the pimps want to make money from.

As in prostitution, there are miscreants who manipulate, defraud, mislead and steal from us all in almost every field of career or business. From the fakers who produce wrong silicon breast to sell to very ill women, to politicians who loot State's money, in countries where corruption is a tradition, these criminals are never stopped by criminalising the rest of a sector. If anything, legalising sectors always exposes criminals within it and provide a framework to bring them to justice, fairly and transparently.

We must decriminalise prostitution but criminalise the crimes found in our societies no matter where. We already have laws that deal with most of this crimes on a general basis and therefore must not shy away from using them. Exploitation of any kind, in any area, whether they be those who exploits workers or those who manipulate the banking system, must be dealt with thoroughly. Where laws are not sufficient enough or too loose, we have a mechanism to strengthen them to ensure that every individual in our society who is taking part in activities that are consented to and does not harm another, is protected by the law.

So when next you argue that legalizing prostitution leads to child sexual abuse, trafficking, pimping, enslavement, etc; ask yourself, why are there almost identical and some times, more terrible crimes in established legitimate fields?

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