Sunday, August 02, 2015

Asylum in UK; What Exactly Are The Truths?

Quite a lot of ignorant comments goes on in the UK society about asylum seekers and the asylum system. This is fuelled by governements and many who are opposed to anything other than what they know, propagating unwholesome or some times, very false information about this issue. 

Here explained are some of the real facts about asylum in the UK. There are some other details including how some asylee live in squalor; in accommodations that are not fit for human beings. Yet, asylum seekers are villified, accused of living off benefits, and almost assumed to be living free on holiday. It is appalling.

These facts will be useful if the government especially were to and would make them a part of a sensitising issue to help reduce the amount of hate and potential hate-crime towards asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in general. The following may help you...
1) When someone seek asylum, they are no 'illegals'
2) When asylum application fails, it does not necessarily mean the asylee isnt really an asylee... sometimes it is because they have no access - as can be expected - to piece their life together due to where, why and how they got here... if you are coming from war or running from dangers, I bet you'd not wait to collect documents.
3) Asylum seekers are not given British passports or citizenship when granted asylum. They are granted a stay with a certian Refugee passport. And they are not allowed to travel to the country they fled.
4) These "benefits" we are talking of is mostly given in vouchers. That voucher can be only redeemable in Sainsbury's or Tesco, etc. In fact, it is these big businesses who make profits out of the whole "asylum claimimg benefits thing".
5) The voucher is worth just £35. Wonder how many of you can live on that a week. The smallest true benefits; i.e. JobSeekers is almost twice that. (While in Germany, asylum seekers get €326 a month for welfare)
6) The asylee is housed in houses the govt rents from landlords at over-priced rents. Asylum seekers share a house in groups. A lot share rooms. If you were to visit one of these shared accommodation, you'd probably be screaming at the govt for such squalour.
7) They are not allowed to work. And are required to go sign at a Home Office centre weekly. The govt provide travel voucher to and from for the date. It actually do not allow them to travel wider. In Germany, asylum seekers are allowed to work.
8) They can be detained at will... manhandled and a lot of them are diagnosed to be depressed, stressed and even worse still, mentally affected. A lot have been known to attempt suicide while some have done it. 
9) When our government says 'forcibly remove', it is actually true. Their plane journey is usually brutal - thanks to G4S - and most end up with physical injuries in addition to obvisouly invisible hurt, pains and not mention the fear ahead. A few have been known to die in the process of removal. A Select Committee's research into this prove it to be true.
10) Some that are deported have ended up dead, just as they feared. A lesbian lady deported back to Uganda last year died... probably from the shock, truama, and who knows, potentail internal injuries too after the 'forceful removal'. Another lesbian to Nigeria has been raped repeatedly and now live in hiding... you can guess why.

I can go on. Regardless of how good it may seem to get angry that monies are being spent on "illegals", an accurate knowledge than one based on sensational information that are in no way comprehensive will help us be more understanding when responding.

No wish for any of us lucky ones to experience whatever makes these people "chose" such a life of disregard, punishment and uncertainty. But if your house was to be on fire, you too, as I, will seek 'refuge' and get stressed. 

Finally, it is unintelligent to refer to people as 'illegal' immigrant. People cannot be illegal, actions can be. The right term is 'undocumented migrant' or you can say that someone is in a place 'illegally'. Describing a person as 'illegal' effectively summarizes that the person's existence is illegal. But this is not possible even if the person in question has escaped the hangman. So, if you're educated, for the sake of your reputation, avoid joining the bandwagon when you use terms.

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Anonymous said...

How many Africans do you think Britain should take in 200 hundred or 500 million?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that would even be possible. We don't need to throw around impossible alarmist figures. It doesn't help. The blog does a good job of helping us to stay calm and realise the truth. You should read it.

Godwyns Onwuchekwa said...

Its not a matter of how many? You can also extrapolate that and ask, how many people should be in the world? 7billion, or more? Or less? What do you suggest those outside the numbers you accept do then?

There's no how everyone in African would move to Britain. If you even assume that, you are thinking beyond superstition.

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