Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Three Reasons Jeremy Corbyn Is Winning...

The reasons Jeremy Corbyn is appealing to Labour Party members  are;

1. He proposes a party with principle, identity and direction; regardless what detractors may suggest that direction to be. Labour as it stands has no identity and no one in the country is sure what Labour stands for. And whatever anyone can claim it stands for, it surely is not for social justice. Those days are gone.

2. Jeremy Corbyn sets out a Labour party that is not the other side of the Tory-coin. The reason Labour lost the election is that it wasnt quite Labour; it wanted to be Conservatives
but wasnt quite that either. It was confused; directionless and opportunistic in nature. It lacked a coherent message. One day it claims to support businesses, the next it doesnt. One day it was for the weak, the next it says it's "not a party for people on bemefits", etc. However, Mr Corbyn's stand is very clear; and is definitely a true alternative. It creates real choice come 2020. Under him, the electorate will have a clear choice unlike 2015 when it seemed Labour, LibDem and Conservatives were each one side of the same triangle.

3. He is authentic. Jeremy Corbyn shows real humanity. He gives a choice; against the careerist politicians whose every answer to any question is based on how to please the asker... Their pragmatism is worn out and so sour. We feel their answers are always superficial and have no heart in them. All they do is wring everything into a selfish opportunism. That selfish inward looking has given politics a bad name and is the reason election turnouts are as poor as it is; many dont vote because they feel its a useless exercise based on how career politicians behave and respond. Career politicians do not take responsibility or take a stand because they're after what they can get; their CV,  bank accounts, future business and contacts; they have no principles. That was clearly played out on Monday night in the vote on Welfare Bill when the other 3 Labour Leadership aspirants decided to abstain instead of take a stand. A leader that sits on the fence is not worth his office!

Jeremy Corbyn may not be perfect but he is more real than the other three as well as those on the Tory benches.

Mr Corbyn provides a different type of politics. The only problem is that the greedy banker-led politics of our time will stop at nothing to see his proposals fail; just as they have done to Syriza in Greece. They will come at Mr Corbyn.

The Tories talk about aspiration; but we know that it is aspiration such as Shylock's; a shrewd, wicked, inhuman and soulless aspiration. An aspiration that is all too ready to sacrifice the weak, punish the vulnerable and demonize the poor all to reach the[ir] 'goal' at all cost; it doesnt matter what the consequences may be. Shame that Liz Kendall buys into the same.

What we need is an aspiration with a heart and humanity in it. An aspiration that is willing and ready to pause, care for and carry the weak along, protect the vulnerable and support the poor among us. An aspiration that focuses on fairness, support, cooperative not profit-driven, acqusition and uncaring.

These are why Jeremy Corbyn is appealing. He isnt a god or messiah, but he brings politics back to the people; to be something everyone can feel its for them to engage in again other than something for the select few who governs for making business opportunity for their friends. These set him aside.


Simon said...

Very well said! I hope enough people vote for him to win!

Godwyns Onwuchekwa said...

I am optimistic that he may win, hence the concern on whether he will succeed. That, I am terribly pessimistic about. Even up to conviction.

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