Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Terrorism And Radicalisation: The Other Neglected Reasons (2)

This post is a sequel to the post here

Radicalisation doesnt spring out from the blues. It doesn't just happen. It is a step by step progession of the stress and frustration people can reach in their anger against a system that alleniates them. In fact, it is unfortunately, unjustifiably-justifiable. Radicalisation is an end-product of the hateful, disregarding, segregated, racist, discriminatory society we are continuously encouraging. There is a validity to it. After all, we all have the right to be angry. Who is to measure or prescribe how much angry each [of us] is allowed? Politicians, perhaps.

Although there are very good legislations that uphold equality and anti-discrimination, it is still absolutely frustrating to realise that as a British person or just a human being, you are not quite British enough to be free from discrimination without the law. It is even more infuriating, that your Britishness (if ever there's anything like that), no matter how strong or patriotic it is, is not enough on its own without your religion making it up; thus always indicating that you are the 'Other'. The British -Muslim, -Asian, etc. Why wouldnt you be angry? And this anger, as it builds at different speeds in different individuals, are expressed in different ways and at different levels. We are the cause of Radicalisation.

So when our governments ramble on about Radicalisation, when we as a society enjoy demonising our fellows and labelling them as the 'Other'; we are, together with our govt, and society at large, complicitly the root cause of Radicalisation. We are fuelling the fire of Radicalisation and constantly through our acts of separation and discrimination.

How? Because we have built societies, across the so-called 'West, of frustrated people; second-class citizens, the 'Others', those who are among us but not acceptably part of us. We create a society where some are labelled when they are not successful just to point out that they are not fully part of the society, that their failure was not because of us. We lie to us. That we are not responsible for their failure, their crime, their poverty, their difference; yes, if they fail, they failed because they, or their parents, or their grandparents, were/are not born in our innocent Western society. They are not us. They are not the product of us. They are different.

These are in all spheres of life, economic, social, emotional, politics, etc. We create the labels that help us constantly and consistently put these 'Others' on the other side if only to show how not quite us they are.

We think it's a way of life... they must adapt to what we prescribed or be the 'Other'. Even when they adapt, they are still the Other as we must watch every step they take, every move they try; we must, until their body is committed to the ground.  It doesnt matter what tenacity they show; it doesnt matter how like us they behave; they are welcomed but not accepted. It is that simple. They have no right to challenge our innocent Western society. We are right; they are wrong. Always.

When a non-white migrant or a descendant of such gets involved in crime, his migrant community is blamed. His heritage is put on show. he is labelled in all manner: terrorist, Islamist, black, Asian, etc. The community must answer and justify; they must accept the failure. Imams would be blamed and accused of hiding or condoning, their faith community are accused of not doing enough. And the list goes on. Why? Because simply put, these are the 'Others'. They are on our watch-list and constantly so. It doesnt matter whether they were born in the West. No. They are never accepted although they were welcomed.

And if you must argue or deny the above, just think when a Caucasian commits crime; they are not labelled. No one hears whether they have a religion; or heritage; or culture. The media doesnt consider let alone accuse them of terrorism or deliberate attempt to destroy the society. Yet they have committed the same crime. This is the 'innocent' Western society: all are equal but some are more equal than Others. End of!

Part 3 to follow...

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