Monday, July 13, 2015

Terrorism And Radicalisation: The Other Neglected Reasons (1)

A few days ago, the entire world and the international news media stood still when  tourists, most of them Brits, were attacked in an ugly, heartless and dastardly act of cowardice in Tunisia. In that attack, 38 people of different nationalities died, 30 of them Brits. Even I, cried... well, that's constant for me these days seeing the endless senseless violence in the world today.

On the same day in France, a man was beheaded in a gory attack that included Arabic texts scribbled on his mutilated body. Not to mention the Paris shooting in January when 12 people were killed in a press office while another 5 were gunned down in a Jewish shop. All these were horrendous to say the least.
Ten years ago, I was woken up by my phone buzzing non-stop. All the texts messages asked similar question: "are you safe? Hope you're not involved/affected." None bothered to say what exactly I should have been involved or affected by... While still dazed from my sleep having got back from a late shift, I struggled to make sense of the senseless question, the handset buzzed more. ~Then came a call from a second-degree friend. She wanted to know the same things in ths text, one of which was her's. She lived in Northampton at the time. "There had been multiple bomb explosions on the London transport system. Isnt it so?" She asked. "I dont think so...", I responded.

But why would I think so? Bombs shouldnt be used for jokes. I flicked on my 14inch tv; she was right. I watched, perpelexed and began to cry. Not and never out of fear, but for the helplessness I sensed. For the wickedness and awful evil that man inflicts on man. For the hope that elludes humanity. For the division we cause ourselves from selfishn reasons of all manner. I just cried. 

I cried because it was vivid that, like in 2001 when the twin Towers of the World Trade Centre was attacked in the USA, the rhetoric on the news in London those days was the same divisive propaganda that promoted the "them and us" gabbles. I saw no hope. I saw no end. I saw no solution. Just rants to justify every position. Just efforts to find a label and who to blame. Nothing more. So we move on.

Now as London remembered the 7/7 bombings 10 years on, it pained me even further that we are still having that one-sided questioning. We are still avoiding the whole and complete truth. We are still sweeping one half of the truth under the carpet and using the other path as a weapon against ourselves to justify and ramp up hate. We are still building more enmity, more hatred, more frustration, more separation. So we choose to ignore the stem, but instead, talk of the leaves: radicalisation. 

Radicalisation! What exactly makes people to reach that stage? How exactly does people get radicalised? Why? What? When? And who [prepares them to reach that level of disconnectedness]?

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