Tuesday, July 21, 2015

184 Labour MPs Sells Out On Social Justice!

Last night, as the UK faced one of the most defining factor in how much social justice is necessary for a civilised society, the country watched shocked as, Labour MPs - 184 of them - 79% of the entire Parliamentary Labour Party, sold out.

With Harriet Herman, the acting Leader of the Labour Party urging her MPs to join the government to bring in a punitive law that will not only punish and demonise those who need our society's help, but will also severely attack the most vulnerable of this society. Ms Herman, a woman of immense respect who had until last Sunday fought for real equality, finally caved in and - would it be her real colours - joined the dark side.

How can a woman who fought ever so hard for women equality accept to vote for a law that will punish every 3rd child simply because that child happened to be the 3rd. Although many have hinged the opposition to that line on the fact that a 3rd child may be a result of accident, but I beg to differ; NO CHILD IS AN ACCIDENT! Pregnancy may be an accident - and all pregancies are by accidents anyway - but the child from it IS SIMPLY NOT AN ACCIDENT. This is an offensive remark.

So to withdraw Child Credit Tax from a family on the 3rd child and onwards is simply to say to that child, you are not worth our support. You are not welcomed. You do not count. As much as I agreed that parents should take responsibility for children they have, I strongly believe that each child in this world is our collective responsibility and when their parent are not able to, we all are very seriously responsible to see that they do not suffer. How could the Labour Party support such atrocious proposal that some children does not matter just because they are the 3rd or further child?

So last night, 184 Labour MPs decided to either not participate in the vote or voted for the bill. It is frightening. Even Conservatives voters will be worried that those expected to challenge them are copping out. Harriet Herman's line that because Labour lost the election, hence it cannot stand up for its principles is utterly and sourly pathetic. What on earth does that mean? How could she dismiss the vote of 30% of the voting electorate as nothing? Yet, that vote is only 6% short of the vote the ruling majority has. This is sheer betrayal.

Now, it is official that only the 48 Labour MPs who boldly stood up and fought against the bill are now the real Labour MPs in UK Parliament. The rest, whether they abstained or voted for, are deceivers. They should look again to understand what they voted for. And hope that at the next Reading of that Bill, they will come out fighting to reclaim their place and stop that Bill becoming a legislation.

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