Thursday, May 14, 2015

Women Politicians As Doorstops

Since the General election  week ago, the political parties landscape has changed somewhat in 'XX'. After three party leaders hurriedly resigned including Labour Party's Ed Miliband (whom I didnt vote for as leader and always predicted he wont make it), Liberal Democrats' Nick Clegg (whom I always predicted will lose - although he managed to keep his seat: shame) and of course, UKIP's the ebulient, defensive, myopic Nigel Farage (who I wrongly predicted will go and as such the downward spiral of UKIP).

But then, as these 'fine', indispensible men vacate, the parties do what seem best; appoint women to hold the fort:
Harriet Herman (Interim) - she appears to be the traditional doorstop for Labour in this century;
Sal Brinton (Acting) for Liberal Democrats and guess what,
Suzzaame Evans (Tipped) to replace Nigel Farage in UKIP, only that even an unborn child knows that it seems only death can remove Mr Farage.

So for any period of rest, when the guys are all out enjoying their pints in the sunshine, women does what they believe them to be for: 'look after the house'. Sorry, not what I believe but what I make out of the tradition of 'Interim' leader system that women always fill.

It feels equivalent to Zero Hour jobs which gives these women no contract or actual authority let alone assurance to take steps.

It almost certainly is the case that they will finish their beers and return to take the jobs back with full authority attached of course. No, I am not predicting it because Nigel Farage is already back on the seat even before you noticed he ever tried to vacate it. Did he?

For Labour, we have the old guard from the failed Shadow Cabinet - the very team that their lackluster at the beginning of last Parliament was one of the reason I left the party and predicted they will not win - are thrutting out their 'declaration' to lead. Its no declaration; its simply what it should be! Dont ask me what. Think!

Anyway, as the doorstop-women are gradually removed and the birthright men take their places, men-in-suit series 5 will begin again.

But us (oh yes, I prefer to be in that camp) women has the pride that when the going is tough, we are always ready, skilled and able to keep it all together while them men sulk.

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