Saturday, May 09, 2015

What Is The Sandwich War?

The UK faces an uncertain future with the debate about leaving or staying in the EU. With the victory of the Conservatives Party at the just-concluded UK General Election, being the party that has promised to hold a referendum on that matter, it is now inevitable that the suspense will not end until that result is fully known.

There are many people who would like the UK to remain in the EU - the Prime Minister himself included. But there is an existential threat with the increase swell in nationalistic tendencies, not just in UK but across the EU.

I have decided therefore to refer that referendum as the Sandwich War because
not only does the country need to decide its faith and place in EU, two fronts of nationalism threatens that decision from two different perspectives.

On one side, there is the UK Independence Party (UKIP) which is rather straight-forward about it. It wants the UK to leave the EU - quite clear in its name anyway.

On other hand, the Scottish National Party (SNP) does not want to leave the EU. And this is where it becomes more complex. The SNP also wants Scotland to seperate from the rest of the UK. While the referendum on that later issue may have happened, the SNP is still looking for any excuse to have another jab.

So, on that note, The SNP may support UK to stay in the EU because Scotland wants to be in the EU. However, SNP may also go for another Scottish Referendum should the UK leave the EU.

The above scenario is the Sandwich nature of the EU argument which means that the govt which will fight to keep the UK as part of the EU also faces the fight to keep the UK as it currently is. This overlapping needs will be one to sort out carefully.

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