Sunday, May 17, 2015

UK Labour Party Still Confused With Itself

The problem with the Labour party is that is has no coherent message or voice on responding to the accusation laid against it in the past 7 years. Blame the Tories as you wish, yet if you're accused o alledged to have done something, it is left for you to clear your reputaion. Labour has failed in this singular hurdle and continue to fail (see this predictions in links below). It may take a generation for her and this new crop of its Leadership contenders are not going to change that. If anything, these lot would drag-on the taint until a new radical actual and real change. The electorates are not foolish.

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In 2010, the Labour Party
chosed Ed Miliband as its Leader and handed him the mandate to lead the charge as an opposition leader. The charge it seems, was to return Britain to a social, fair and more compassionate society; where profit-making is not put above human dignity. As someone who voted in that [leadership] election, witnessed the final countdown and result, and also pledged my support along many other grassroots activists, it was disappointing that more than 16 months into it, in the heat of the Conservative-Liberal Democrats led onslaught on the polity, Ed Miliband kept the Labour Party on the fence, afraid of taking a position, let alone opposition.

During that time of safe-play, I ran into Ed Miliband himself at the funeral of Late David Cairns (RIP), and told him blatantly that I am, and know many other Labour-leaning people who were "disappointed at his lukewarm" (the very word I used) or positionless opposition to the rampant ravage by the Coalition. Although I am a nobody, I warned him that the party is becoming late in defining itself and reassuring the electorates that it can defend them let alone, strongly do so. During that chat, Mr Chuka Umunna was standing nearby and while Mr Miliband struggled to find words to give me a response, Umunna stepped in and told me that they (him and Ed, I supposed) does not think it is right to set out their stall yet because things can change; and it "was still a long way to the elections" (his very words). Really? They both confirmed and told me in essence that this is why they wont respond, take a position or produce policies, et cete ra.

Of course, after playing safe for years, Mr. Miliband did wake up. Unfortunately, by the time he did, the country has become used to an alternative message. In that fence-sitting period too, I have myself realised that non-partisanship is better for me and based on the above encounter as well as other extra-political factor/s, chose to leave the Labour Party altogether. My decision was a long-running soul-searching since we - I was a member then - removed the 10p tax. But Miliband's lukewarm attitude was really the straw that broke the camel's back.

Today, looking at the Labour Party, its a pity that career politicians with eyes set on personal goals to achieve, dominates a party that should be a voice for all instead of a section of the society. And so unless it changes tack, it will remain confused and the electorates will find it difficult to trust the Labour Party.

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