Friday, May 08, 2015

UK General Election Result

Ed Balls accepting defeat
I can imagine the Conservatives sharpening their knives and ready to slaughter. Heaven help us all.
Worryied [too] for a Scotland that is now a 1-party nation.
That result in Scotland exposes the flaw of first-past-the-post system, because with just 50% of vote share in Scotland, the Scottish National Party took 94% of the available seats; a huge farce. And a 1-party system of politics is worse than what we had in UK.

The next shock is that Nick Clegg,
the former Deputy Prime Minister is returned as an MP although his party, the Liberal Democrats has quite rightly been obliterated.  The erstwhile Deputy Prime Minister continously refused to accept, let alone apologise for selfishly propping up a Conservatives govt which cared absolutely bunkers about vulnerable people.  It was the worst self-interest shown but even with that, betraying his promise to the young people of this country.

With Labour performing so terrible, their internal schism over the next months would see an opposition yet again, weakened and poor in putting up a fight as it did in the beginning of the last Parliament.
What lies ahead is worry. The Conservatives will feel this is a mandatw to rule for the rich as usual and ignore the poor. Zero Hour contracts will grow in bounds, vulnerable people on benefits will find themselves more forgotten and worse to come, the wrong people will be rewarded and benefit from the woes of the majority.

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