Saturday, May 09, 2015

See Why David Cameron May Win Yet Again; EU Referendum

David Cameron
David Cameron the British Prime Minister is a man who has been bedevilled by so many different and controversial debates all his time as premier. What no one seems to take note of however, is that he has always, and surprisingly, came out of all as a winner.

Lets take a look at his record; 4 controversially outstanding fights...

1. Electoral Reform: While everyone thought this was a done deal and the system will change, Mr Cameron beat his then Coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats to win this referendum. The Alternative Voting (AV) system was rejected to the very 'luck' of the Prime Minister who strongly opposed it. He won!

2. Equal Marriage: Then came this very contentious and - if not - most controversial issue of extending marriage to same-sex couples. This time, Mr Cameron had an unprecendented schism right within his own party. Threats were made from Conservatives Associations at the grassroots with members protesting to cross over to UKIP. After all that was said and done, guess what? He won!

3. Scottish Referendum: This was rather threat personified. Mr Cameron himself was personally blamed for agreeing to a the referendum to start with, blamed for his lacklustrer attitude during it. To make matters worse, his presence in Scotland tended to stand out as driving more Scots to independence. In Scotland itself, the nationalists manipulated the scenario to make Cameron the Tory-devil personified as well as insisting that a Tory govt is reason to part ways. Yet, this Prime Minister who seem not to win even among all these victories, came out of it celebrating. He won!

4. UK General Election: This dragged on with the propaganda machine of the Pollstars predicting a tie for years. The fight was messy and tangled, with even his Coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats again becoming not just opponents but informers. Althouh Mr Cameron chose to focus his attack on Labour, it was clear as usual that he was frightened and unsure. But came the day after the night before, this man yet again has the same outcome; He won!

So what is this man's winning magic? Why do we not see it? What makes him appealing on all cases even when we all disagree with him?

But we can agree that when it comes to charisma or inspiration, he is nowhere near the marks left by Tony Blair (by the way, Cameron did say he admires Blair) or Margaret Thatcher. Both former Prime Ministers were loathed and admired in equal measure. For Cameron however, he is loathed but surely not admired.

Looking ahead now, the EU Referendum looms ahead. Again like a super monster, this promises to be another great battle. In fact, it gets even bloodier this time as it happens in the shadow of an underlying threats from nationalists from all sides; the UKIP in England and the Scottish National Party (SNP) in Scotland. This wounds will be grazed further as SNP has not given up on its demand for Scottish independence. I call this a sandwich war.

The double whammy is that both nationalists camps are charging at Mr Cameron from two different and opposing fronts; UKIP want out from EU, SNP will threaten another referendum if UK leaves EU. So this fight will be far more bigger and tangled than the previous 4 as MR Cameron will be fighting to keep UK in the EU as well as keep UK as is.

I cannot end this without linking back to the David who made this name famous; David, the 2nd King of Israel of the Bibles. He was a man also who faced many fights that he wasnt expected to win... in fact, his first attempt to fight, against Goliath, was ridiculed even by his predecessor, King Saul who only allowed him to go because he wont be missed. Many other fights followed after that, until his death. But take note, his last fight, was also a fight to keep the kingdom intact. Ironically enough, his opponent was his own son... talk of nationalism

So the question now, is, will David Cameron win the looming Sandwich War? My guess is; Yes. He may win!

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