Friday, May 08, 2015

Proportional Representation Result Of UK Election - If Only!

Shows Voters who did not participate
As the UK General Elections concluded this morning, it was heartbreaking to see the amount of votes that, although casted, will not get representation in Parliament. This is the biggest flaw of [the current] First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) electoral system we use in the UK. It leaves power in the hands of the minority.

In the table below, I have tried to show what the results would have been had we have a Proportional Representaion (PR) electoral system. For instance, although I wouldnt vote for the UKIP, I felt they and their voters were cheated out. While they secured almost 4million votes, they only get 1 seat instead of about 82 seats - in PR system.

Share of vote. Big yellow = Did not vote
The formular I have used to reach these  numbers is a very simply one based on number of voters divided into number of seats. I have used this simple formular because, since the UK does not have a PR, there's threshold is not in place as to how many percentage of the votes a party would need to earn for validity. On other hand, the 5% threshold for getting a deposit refund could be used but I avoided that so as not to confuse it for what it is not.
Comments are welcomed.

 The above shows who would have got the what number of seat. Its interesting to note that the Green Party, UKIP, Liberal Democrats, each would have occupied far more seat than they ended up with.

Maybe, this would be part of the great awakening and the demand for change will intensify. I did oppose the proposal for the Alternative Voting and would do so again. Only PR seems better, simple, and easy to understand without hiccups.

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