Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yellow Box; A First In UK's Politics

On Wednesday 19th March, the UK Coalition govt presented the year Budget in the House of Commons. Traditionally, that Budget is an agreed action plan of the incumbent govt; meaning that all Ministers, from the Prime Minister to the least minister - whoever that is; bet its the LibDems - agreed to that Budget. Its a unanimous voice and plan of govt.

However, while we all believe the above to be the case, the Liberal Democrats, who are Coalition partners with the Conservatives for close up to 5 years now, sunddenly woke up on Thursday and foisted a new one us: they have an alternative Budget!

Sugar! This is never heard of. In fact, it sounds like politics in Narnia Land. And it is. But no shocks, only the LibDems are capable of such deceit and arrant mischeive, it takes little to comprehend their folly.

The honest thing would have been for the LibDems to resign from govt after [or even before] the actual Budget the signed, than come up with their fake 'Yellow' box; as if anyone would believe them. 

What is a Yellow Box? A Yellow Box is an empty box gilded with lies, deceit and desperation impersonating the original Red Box of British govt. It is simply not to be believed, accepted or even reconsidered. It has no place in British democracy and is absolutely unwelcome.

In fact the above is more true when you take into consideration that the party wielding this con-Box is the same party that lied verbatim with a clear public signature by their same Leader promising not to allow tuition fee increase. The rest is history...

But as the saying goes, dont be deceived, we are not mocked by the LibDems at their grubby little lie. If the LibDems does not support the govt's Budget, they should leave govt. They cant eat their cake and want to still have it. We hold them responsible as a party of govt than just a bystander claiming no responsibility for acts of govt.

But now they still have one more chance to confirm that their con-Yellow box is genuine and not gilded with tricks: when the govt's real budget comes to the floor of the House for voting, we expect the LibDems to vote against the govt. Otherwise, they will be certifying that they are manipulators and NEVER to be taken at their words and actions; i.e. the conYellowbox.

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