Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Potential Secrets Behind David Cameron's Presumption

According to Michael Fallon, David Cameron has been straight-forward and honest with British people when he said he would not serve a third term. Well, that's Mr Fallon's party-whip view, the voters, may think absolutely different.

What is bizarre with Mr Cameron's sputter is that he arrogantly made it like a corrupt third-world country leader who orchestrates elections to remain in power perpetually. In fact, it was a shame for a British Prime Minister make such a statement, akin to what you would expect of Robert Mugabe or Saddam Hussein to say. It is utterly undemocratic for him to predict two elections before they even happen.

Come the 7th of May 2015, British voters would go to the polls; but as it now stands, we may as well not. Because Cameron has declared that he will win; probably no matter how we vote. And he would do the same in 2020 at which time he will snub our vote and move on to, perhaps, who knows what.

However, for realities' sake, any of the following may have been behind this juvenile rhetoric.

One: It seems there's a power struggle behind the scenes in the Tory party. In fact, not just a power struggle, it sounds like one in which the Prime Minister isnt even sure of his next day in the job. What did he do? He tries to preempt it by publicly - albeit not intentionally - patronizing his backstabbers. Did he really need to name his supposedly replacements. What makes Mr Cameron funny is that he isnt just sure about him winning elections, but also about Boris or Osborne, still being in the good books of the Tory party, let alone the entire country so as to replace him.

Two: Mr Cameron is frightened *shit* about the clouts of his supposed replacements. Who wouldn't be? Boris Johnson is bidding to return to Parliament. In about 6 weeks time, if he succeeds, his prospects of becoming the leader of the Conservatives party becomes even more possible. Truly, Mr Cameron, although he wouldn't accept this, is trying to pretend that he is a macho man that would not be pushed. But what he has succeeded in doing is show that his fears and worries has made him jump even before he was pushed.

Another person giving Mr Cameron the jitters is Theresa May, who has been shoring up her profile as the iron lady in-waiting with all her tough speak. It is understandable why Mr Cameron should be afraid. And very very afraid.

Three: Mr Cameron could be trying to hide his fear about losing the next election on 7th May 2015. So what does the overly-confident Mr Cameron do? He tries to save face by being very macho that he will not only win this election, but he will also be the one to either accept or discard the electorates in 2020 it if he so chooses. What a God-sent. But sure he will.

Finally, Mr Cameron knows that his chums are plotting seriously behind and setting themselves up to take the steering the moment he even imagine a toilet visit. Ha! The scene promises to be comically captivating.

So we will patiently wait... probably it wont be called House of Cards. But I suggest, House of Fears or 10 Dawning Fears.

Bring it on!

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