Tuesday, October 21, 2014

From Podium To Prison - But Its Reeva Steenkamp That Lost All!

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/44/Reeva_Steenkamp.JPGThe Oscar Pistorius' prosecution ended today with a rather mere slap-on-the-wrist-sentence as most people seem to express. After exactly 20 months and 7 days, a period that must have been harrowing for the Pistorius family, their sorrow must have plateaued when finally the young and promising Oscar was given a sentence and taken away to begin his sojourn in prison.

Through out the debacle, what seemed to be missing however, was the sorrow of Reeva Steenkamp's family and friends; especially, in the way the world's ever increasingly frantic media were reporting the case. It was all about the man, Oscar. Documentaries after documentaries, special features after special features, uncountable news bulletins, articles, editorials, and you name it; its Oscar Pistorius that seem to have lost a lot, and luckily also, faces an unclear future. His ever important career that we all so enjoyed and will miss, and as such, lost our own joys; his success that reflects the successes of all of us; his disability that makes us all strong... its just about him. Dont get me wrong, I am not blaming him for all the above; its the media and God-knows what power working behind to inspire that trend.

But then, there was Reeva Steenkamp who lost it all and now, have no life, let alone its future being unclear. Her career that's terminated; her success that will never be or be attained, her ability that we can never EVER feel again. That young woman lost it all. Yet the prudish, sensational media and journalists with no milk of humanity in them as well as their proprietors and editors who absolutely lack conscience; this lot barely ever remembered that young woman except as a footnote in the big Oscar's lost. 

Nor did they think about the human race; we may not all be directly affected but the threat of a celebrated temper - of their protagonist - is a danger to all, directly or indirectly. And this is where the court judgement lost it all. An error of judgement means that a man who irresponsibly used a highly hazardous weapon willy-nilly, could get away with just 5 years prison sentence.

From all the facts that was revealed, even a deadpan idiot would know that a man who only wishes to enforce self-defence would do everything but shoot at a danger that is not in direct visibility or [yet] confronted him. Mr. Pistorius could have called the police or security agents, shout for neighbours, lock himself in his room, or even leave the vicinity since the danger was not blocking his exit/s. He could have communicated and worked with his girlfriend - at which time he might have noticed that she was missing - shout warning to [threaten] the 'intruder' to come out or be shot. His use of the gun without doing all or any of the above shows an unbelievable level of irresponsibility, inhumanity and overflowing rate of suppressed hate or disregard [of others' lives].

Oscar Pistorius was not in danger when he used his gun, considering that the 'intruder' was hiding or preparing in the toilet, yet still far from him and him having found out before being surprised. He therefore comes across as deliberately wishing to kill whoever was in there and that is where the threat to life lies. Not just because its Reeva Steenkamp, but because its a human life and he was determined to waste it, as he achieved. This is unacceptable.

Of course, I do not want to be in his shoes and may not understand what went through his mind, but based on what action he took and accepted to have taken, it is apparent that whatever kindness he ever may have had is totally irreconcilable with that unkind action.

But again, for the man who defied nature and stereotype to reach the pinnacle and take over the podiums, he has now defied nurture and conscience to reach the prisons. We can all rant, but if there is any humanness in him, he will never be the same again. And none of us may ever know or understand the horror of the pain he may have to live with for the rest of his life. Only time will tell and hopefully, a moment of calm in this isolation will reform him for a peaceful future.

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