Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some Foolish Arguements About Scotland Independence

Over the last 2 years since David Cameron and Alex Salmond agreed the referendum, the worst foolish statements have been made by both sides of the debate. Some of these arguments are quite veiled in passion that carries them through like sensible utterances. But they are not.

Being British and Scottish/English.
One of the most common phrases used by both sides during the campaign for independence included: "...happy to be British as well as Scottish/English."
But this is bollocks. Scotland becoming a country independent of the rest of the Island does not in any way make a Scot less a Brit. In the same vein, that event does not make an English or a Welsh less British. Independent or not, Scotland, England and Wales remains within and part of the British Isle, the Island commonly called Britain, thus its residents, British.

Who has the right to use the Pound?
The mistake here was the proposal of a currency union. Aside from that, Scotland can easily and freely have a money called Pound; why not? There are other countries in the world using Pound as their currency and they don't need the UK to underwrite them. So both sides were not clear in the debate; i.e. the UK govt said it wont allow an independent Scotland to use Pound. That is a lie. What UK govt would have said to be clear is: our monetary system cannot be run together.

Tory govt...
Some pro independent campaigners argue that independence will mean they'd have no more Tory govt. For the name, that could be true; but for ideology sake, it will definitely turn out to be bonkers. They will still have some rightwing politics emerge and campaign for the same belief as the Tories have. Their rightwing parties may not be called Tory/Conservatives. It's rather a delusion too to seek independent due to a transitory party system of govt because although it is Tory-led today, it could be a Labour-led after next election  as it was for 13 years of a Labour govt.

Scotland will face risk
This is inevitable but cannot be a reason not to be independent. In fact, as humans, we are more likely to take up a challenge because we are told we cant, than if told we can. Each time this line of defence is proposed, one or more Scottish voter joins the clamour for independence because that is simply natural. 

Voting Yes is irreversible
Not quite. Scotland does not become an independent country until the agreed day of [formal] separation. Between the vote and that official separation, the vote is discardable. In fact, if the result is Yes to independence, with potential for a new govt in Westminster, therefore meaning different negotiators from today's govt, it is likely for the entire negotiation to revert to a unity (exceptional optimism, I hear you say) and be dumped. 

Scotland taken to war
Really? UK went to war; and UK comprises of Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland.  Scotland cannot eventually denounce it when in fact, the govt of the day represented Scottish interest across the world, be it good or bad. Regardless of how strong people in Scotland objected to the war, there were also other strong oppositions across the rest of the Union. If each nation use the same sentence, who then went to war, etc? Of couse, many of us opposed the war and still does; but it doesnt warrant that level of irresponsibility.

This is a bad idea being peddled as a solution to keeping the over 300 years old union. In fact, this singular proposition is so toxic, independence would be best. Because once a Devo-max is offered, the rest of the Union would seek something to match for their own part. Offering it would split the Union into splintered parts that are not apart but yet not very together. It could lead to unfairness for citizens as already exists on issues like pensioners care, tuition, prescription, etc. More devolution power which could translate into Scottish residents earning more benefits from the State than people in other parts, could lead to rancour... Devolution is good but should not be used as a pamper effects. Ideally, England and others needs to control their own fate too on taxation, etc.

There are many other faffings and lies and empty predictions or outright irresponsibility. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that Scotland can be an independent country although it will be nice to retain Britain in its current form.

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