Thursday, August 21, 2014

The West's Unfair Solutions To Unfair Situations Is Biting

Yesterday, saw the President of America and the Prime Minister of Britain rattled but at the same time controlled, if not unsure of what to do, after the horrible killing of American journalist, James Foley. Like on 22nd May 2013, when two British young men killed another British young soldier man in broad daylight on the streets of London, the response was to attack extremism.

The sad news is that, both governments has got it utterly wrong. In fact, the more threat to reel out the more radical [young] people will become. Com'on, we all know that we like to attempt things when our parents threaten us not to. Perhaps, that analogy is too simple, they it is truth and the stark reality. For govts however, policy usually have take a top-down approach which is why majority of policies fail in actual sense.

These people who are being 'radicalized' and thus joining to unleash such wicked acts as the video [tend to have] awoken us yesterday, have a different understanding of what they are doing. Thus to try to stop them, is ever unachievable through threats of taking away passports or jail or so so. How would you think that someone who is ready to die, would be afraid of jail. And that is when you consider that jail isnt going to be felt until well into being in jail anyway. So the fear of jail is almost non-existent for the people you are talking of; let alone passports.

If States really want to solve the current problems of terrorism and extreme behaviour, it shall start by being responsible States through fairness both at social domestic level and at international level. For UK and USA particularly, it is rank hypocrisy to support certain rebels and declare other terrorists. It is same reasoning pursued by George Bush Jr and Tony Blair in the course of removing Saddam Hussein, that has continued to redouble the Extremism instead of curb it.

Obama and Cameron, with their other NATO allies found themselves in a very impossible position to intervene in Syria because, like the time of Saddam, while rightly Saddam needed to be removed, the system of achieving that left sore wound that continues to rot today. When young people therefore looks at that unfair solution to an unfair situation, it is not shock that they submit to be radicalized for the same intent and purpose: to get their way, because that is what USA and UK appears to be doing.

It is time to review the approach and revive fairness at all levels by supporting democratic means through an independent UN. If the UN can sanction war, it is obviously easy for it to facilitate elections in these troubled nations. Until that is shown and achieved, we will continue to see young people get even more extremist and eager to get their way like their govts.

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