Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is Race The Problem Or Is Using It As Excuse Damaging Britain

In the UK, it is very common to propose punishments for criminals based on their racial heritage. And the more complex that heritage is, or the farther away that heritage is to what is considered 'Britishness', that elusive indefinable term, the worse that punishment, wrapped in hate of all manner would be.

Although I know of no research about this, it seems the legal professional is the only sector in the UK bereft of this stupid approach to solving problems. But I wont be shocked to find out that some atom of the above can be found in that field too.

Take for instance, when two young black heritage British men (Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale), hacked a fellow British [soldier] man to death on the streets of Woolwich in Southeast of Greater London, on 22 July 2014, the tripe that followed were unbelievable. Some called for the 'deportation', some blamed Islam, others blame political-correctness, a few accused all immigrants while almost all the above heaped it on immigration.

However, what you may not have thought or considered, is that just 8 months prior to that horrible event, on the 18 September 2012,
Dale Cregan, a White heritage British boy, lured and killed two police officers in broad daylights on the streets of Greater Manchester, no one called for him to be 'deported'. In fact, regardless of the enormity of his crime, considering that he has previously shot dead two other men in the run-up to this open event, yet the DailyMail nor the usual populist politicians thought it right to suggest that Dale Cregan's religion (whatever it might have been), or his lineage/heritage needless to say the emigration policy, has caused that.

Actually, Dale Cregan, by the mere colour of his skin, is incorruptible and as such, his crime is an act of mistake, not by choice. Thus being a mistake he made, does not pose any threat to the society like the two culprits above was said to pose to all of us. Being that a white heritage criminal is, by virtue of his/her skin colour, innocent until proven guilty, all the oppressed indigenous politicians and media kept quiet and allowed justice to take its course.

Going by this approach, it is surprising that the British polity has not heeded Enoch Powell' Rivers of blood speech to deport "all non-white immigrants", fortified itself against any 'Other' and live like the fairy kingdom of heaven as painted in the Bible book of Revelation. But I am afraid, that is not achievable.

No, all British people are not like that but the majority of their spokespeople are. For the latest criminal investigative report released on the sexual abuse of kids in Rotherham Council, these people has jumped on to the fact that the culprits are of Asian heritage to attack race. But for the sake of reason, how could any sane person deviate from the horrific matter of such terrible abuse to blame it on race?

If race was the reason adults sexually abused helpless children, then Peter Ball, former Bishop of Gloucester (1991 - 93) wouldn't have been accused let alone Rolf Harris convicted. And we know that Jimmy Saville was white too.

It is difficult writing this even trying to scribble about the compartments, but what is clear is that crime or criminals are not distributed by race or colour, etc.

Blaming gay people for flood, immigrants for economic recession or race for horrific and abominable crime is sheer hatred, dangerous populism and toxic patriotism. But above all, it is shamelessly stupid.

It is time UK govt, ministers and politicians lead the way in making sure that justice is equal and that culprits are treated based on their crime not on their heritage; race, ethnicity or otherwise.

That an Asian heritage man sexual abused kids does not make it any more or less repugnant. Racial profiling being involved in that crime does not in any way mean that solving it based on that protects our kids from other criminals of the same ilk.

All criminals (or suspected criminals) and accused persons should be treated, interrogated, investigated and prosecuted based on their crime not based on their heritage. The same should apply to punishment.

You may recall that the present Coalition govt spent their effort and now boast about it, to deport Abu Quatada, not based on his alleged crime but on his heritage. The same applies to Italian-born Learco Chindamo when voices insist his deportation will rid this Island of murderers, etc. This never works.

Hate is never a solution to a peaceful society.

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