Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ice Bucket Bandwagon: Cheap Publicity For Insatiable Public Figures

There's a new craze in town. Actually, not just in town but almost across the world. Everyone that want to be seen or heard must do it. And yes, to re-emphasize on that being seen or heard, they go the extra mile not just to video it but also to inform the media through their connection or even post the video to them and surely pull all the strings to ensure it makes the headline.
But of course, editors are chief favour granters; they have and run the propaganda machine anyway so they can feed us what they chose while fulfilling theirs and their ilk's silly little games. But hey, before you mind it, they of course do it in a way that subtly tug our our emotions. Why not? They almost seems to love it that some of us are in trouble; be it for being i  war zones or living with HIV or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It really doesn't matter so long as that condition scores them some expensive selfish fame to further their career.

This time is the pouring of ice bucket and trailing it in the media; all media. So much like a plague one
can't avoid it. In fact, so much like a tradition; a particular media would be considered un-21st century not to join in... well, you have to be relevant, dont you?

But when you think of it for substance, you begin to see it for what it really is: simply another means for getting more famous; increasing the millions or billions in personal earnings and being the most-this-or-that. Nice actually!

But we cant complain cos they are doing us a favour. They are "raising money for us the troubled and ill-luck. They are saving our souls from eternal sufferings. Yet we know they really dont want save us; well, at least, not completely. Because if they do, what else will they use to push their little monster-niceties? 

Now you think I'm whingeing, but no. Donations, sacrifices, help and all such self-giving used to be very humble and of substance. Why the publicity about the help you give when you actually can give much? I think this is nothing comparable to the ordinary everyday people who take unpaid leave or spend their own money for no gain whatsoever to raise funds either by climbing mountains, cycling, running, etc. That is selfless. The inspire their mates to give what they cant afford and in the process put themselves through some rigourous exertion, give away their time, give up earnings, etc. That is sacrifice.
Or the other people that go into charity shops, offices, centres, and serve tea, clean the incapable, keep them company, go out in the rain and sun and cold ro beg for money. These are sacrifices. Yet they make little or no noise at all. And as such we dont see or notice them. Why should we?

Come Christmas or so, these self-perpetuating lot will be awarded honours, knighthoods, medals, and all-what-else for "their work for charity". But that old lady cleaning the village Church or Mosque, that young school leaver sweeping and serving the aged and weak in old people's home, that you man or woman working tireless to help those in war zones and earning almost nothing, that chap running a foodbank or hot drinks or serving soup to the homeless, that woman who goes food shop after food shop collecting leftovers to serve the poor and needy, that couple who has focused to run a sleeping bed in a community or church hall and forgo million-paying career, all these are ignored and never publicly praised or acknowledged.

Dont get me wrong, we need money to run all the above but money definitely come secondary to the great and invaluable sacrifices quietly and selflessly made than you ego-focused-self-interest-career-pushing ice bucket challenge or other such.
Substance is no more remembered but superficial acts of publicity. Ice bucket my arse!

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