Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 And The Problems Facing The UK Polity

The problems of the UK polity is first in two folds, i.e.;
1. All the politicians are just the same type of chocolate for the rich coated in different taste.
2. Majority of the electorates including most politically active or interested ones are partisan and thus blind to the above.

Now the above two points have their own sub-points which I wouldnt bother going into because these two main issues hinder the entire polity to see beyond their noses. And no, the UK is not poor as an economy but it's surely heading for a wreck if it continues this way.

Immigration is not the problem UK faces but how each of it's govt in recent past which, instead of
common sense migration policies, prefer sensational populist policy announcements that earn them short-term poll rating. If you gather the innumerable immigration policies of the last 30 years to now or so, you will notice how disjointed and unnecessarily complex they have become. That is the problem; which is that, politicians aren't really interested in immigration or anything per se apart from inflating the capital worth of their rich friends who in turn bankroll their election, thus keeping the [poor] ordinary person out of Westminster. [And this is almost the same across the world including the Vatican until Francis arrived and seem to be deviating from the norm including investigating the corrupt fund-hiding Vatican Bank].

The consequence of the above? The number of UK MPs or Council leaders who understand everyday struggle are a shocking unnoticeable minority both within the Labour party as well as Tory and Lib.

In nutshell, all of you including the so-called socialist Guardian Newspaper should stop the tribalization and focus on fair, clear and simple truth, which is that politicians of all sides have failed and that they clearly represent the interest of a few who are all their rich tax-evading friends.

I think what we need is a brand new political party with the concern and understanding of everyday struggle as it affects of all of us; rich and poor alike, just the spirit that brought the founding of the true original Labour party.

As for me, I will not vote for a party that fights for one side of the spectrum, rich or poor because that is divide-and-rule; but for a govt that represent everyone fairly.

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