Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Iran Ready To Do Deals With The West

Hassan Rouhani
Right until a year ago, whenever the former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took to world stage, it was always rants and propaganda. His most such derailed rants has included his ignorant opinion that Iran has no homosexuals; needless to mention his denial of the holocaust or to mention his prophecy of the fall of the American Empire. ditto!

Fast-forward to 2013. Mr. Ahmedinejad's successor took the stage at the United Nation and instead of a defiant speech, he made a somewhat articulate andlisten-worthy speech that got heads turning and everybody feeling ready to talk more. But no, he did not confirm that there are homosexuals in Iran. Ha!

Mr Hassan Rouhani did not only wow the world and the powers that be to listen, he managed to convince them to agree to sit down for a roundtable discusion. What just over a year ago seemed impossible, is now not only possible, it is happening.

So, as unlike in a drama, its not just a change of scene, it included a whole new set of stage; and here we are. This week, the talk will continue, America, United Kingdom and all the others who matters, will sit round a table again to continue discussing the 'opening of doors' for Iran back into the international communities; hopefully. But the gleamer of lights in the horizon is unmistakeable. Yet, Iran will have to play ball while of course manning its own goal posts, but not with pride.

Nonetheless, something still baffles the entire world of ordinary people who know only all the rhetoric and sometimes wonder if this all is about nuclear 'property'. In fact to many, it all atimes sound like fiction. I mean, all of the wars and fighting terrorism, is inescapably fictitious in details. It's mostly confusing.

Secondly, majority of ordinary people suspects that there is more than meets the eye and usually, it is to do with wealth and treasures that benefits the wealthiest 1% who controls the world. And that idea looks feasible now as Western businesses wait to pounce on Iran once it is allowed to open its dors to the world. There will be transformation; of Iranians consumer market and in the pockets of the rich few and their cronies in governments.

But regardless, a peaceful settlement of this long-drawn out tussle between a heady Iran and an ever control-freak 'democratic' West. But as transparency is sought by all, it feels as if there is a muddy bucket waiting to be used as a collecting tank.

But whatever happens, it will be agreed that the new Iranian President has overturn a rather dark era into light swifter than ever expected by anyone.

But will this light of day shine on? Time shall tell.

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