Saturday, November 23, 2013

Are Climate Change Activists Turning Into Religious Fanatics?

Something really smell nasty about the approach Greenpeace and their activists have adopted in recent years by attacking their opposition. And their recent escapade in Russia depicted nothing but the same evil force that drives religious terrorism or fanaticism: to destroy those who dont agree with them. This is worrying.

The whole world may stand up to demand their release from Russia, that is right and they should be released. Yet at the same time, it is horrible that we are not saying the whole truth regarding the entire issue. Russia's action was excessive but Greenpeace activists' actions pushed for it.

But how can we condemn terrorists - although we do best at condemning them more if they are Muslims than we do  if they are Budhists and Christians terrorists which abound - and yet not condemn these self-appointed climate saviours. What makes them the sole owner of the world to force their opinion and belief on others, no matter what proof or evidence, and yet claim to fight against the same attitude.

This is akin to how some aspects of religions operate; killing off and attacking oppositions - or non-believers as they would demonize opposition to be - attacking those their Holy books apparently calls evil or so they said. Climate activism must avoid becoming another religion; of aggression, attack and hostility. And it is ridiculously counter-productive and ostensibly selfish to attack others in the same fashion that is the reason for attacking. Of what gain is it then?

Finally, with their recent action, I cannot see what is peaceful about Greenpeace. Is it time they change their name to GreenPIECES? Where is the peace if what they want to do is attack other's property because those others do something they dont like or agree with but actually do not own any more right to than their supposed culprit?

We [should] own the world equally but as it obviously seems, and how some religious people behave, now joined with certain activists, and some global business, some tend to claim more ownership and have no iota of respect for the things we share together and supposedly, equally.Greenpeace attack reflects this just as the oil company's action does.

Greenpeace can campaign for climate issue of course, but they have no right to invade or harass others. Nothing has been taken from them and as such, does not warrant them invading their suspects. This may not be mainstream political-correctness position, but it is the simple truth; those who want peace must show peace. Those who oppose violence aggression and hostility, must themselves not use either.

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