Monday, July 29, 2013

Is UKIP The LochNess Monster Of British Politics?

nigel farageRecently, the discussion on Britain's EU quasi-membership bumped up the fame of UK Independence Party (UKIP). The benefits for the party included a high on the polls, frontpage after frontpage appearance of its leader, tour of media studios across the country, 3rd place in a major Parliamentary bi-election for Eastleigh seat, about 140 new council seat gained. In hindsight, it was a great achievement.

As all the above happened, the Conservatives party became
unsettled like a bird with an unwanted visitor in its nest. The tug by UKIP, taking advantage of Eurosceptism and using nationalistic style to brew patrotism, saw the very base of Conservatism being shaken into self-examination. The tremors could be sensed not just within the Right wing but even on the Left, many could not understand how to respond. Yet, the Europe membership is one that has always hovered over UK since it began.

Like the LochNess Monster - never properly seen, heard or even known to have harmed anyone, it emits a reverence only held by fans who wallow on myths. Time and again, UKIP flairs things up and seems set to take up governance, only it has not really fielded candidates in enough constituencies to earn such...

But each time UKIP muddles up the stream, and make its existence more prominent, like the sighting of the monster of Loch Ness, fear, suspicion and concern is sent out. Nevertheless, like the monster, it quickly goes into its hiding place.

In its most showing, the gains were rewarding. But the recoil was rather swifter than should match such gains. It goes in line with modern technology which means that scrutiny is even more powerful that it has ever been. And in no time, UKIP leader who models himself to be like any other ordinary working class people was found to have set up off-shore tax-beneficial bank accounts. Really?

Not only that, the nationalism it is riding on to instigate Eurosceptism was hijacked by their double-act extreme Right significant others; The British National Party (BNP) and also the English Defence League (EDL). Other issues, of homophobia, of racism of subtle or seeming xenophobia were being unraveled. While all these werent helping the new-found fame of UKIP, their Leader's visit to Scotland stained the Statesman.

So the invading true Rightwing party didnt last the heat and seem to have forgotten even before its acronym could be explained. But it may not be the end as the monster is usually sighted. May be some day, UKIP, like the belief in the existence of the monster, would be verified as a real national party. But until then, its occasional visibility will continue to be a myth and of mixed belief..

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