Sunday, June 16, 2013

UK Cuts; Is It Time Up for Department for Culture, Media & Sport

There is wide expectation that the Prime Minister is set to reshuffle his cabinet soon. That has fueled speculation as to which minister he is going to ditch or dumped altogether. Its all assumptions and wishes; but sustainable ones because someone will surely be flogged out.

In the confusion on what next to cut - something majority of people in the UK disagree with - political pundits are now insinuating that whole departments (ministry) may go altogether. One of those being fingered includes the Department for Culture, Media & Sport.

But could this be true? Very unlikely in the scheme of current events. This department and her Minister, the brave and ebullient Maria Miller has taken the flack in pushing hard enough to get the equal marriage through to a very healthy and promising state, short of a legislation. For a bill that in itself was a serious risk at its invention, the Prime Minister was extremely lucky to find Ms Miller who did not just show belief, but an immeasurable dedication, putting her head on the chopping block in place of the Prime Minister, who it must be said was brave too to continue.

The Dept also oversaw the Olympics execution together with the Mayor of London and together, delivered what was an amazing event that has been lauded all over the world. So why would it be this very important ministry that would face the blow?

At a time when the state of our society, our belief, cohesion, integration, co-habitation and way of life is being threatened and shaking, when doubts abound as to how we can work and exist together, the work of the Department for Culture, Media & Sport can not be more needful.

Overseeing equality, participation, mobility through sports, respect and dissemination of information by the media and ensuring that there is balance in the expression of beliefs and polity, the Department is very useful now more than ever. Because in this time of economic hardship, when due to stress from stringent financial flow, some people turn the anger to assumed causes in the name of division, the Dept of Culture stand in a better position to create atmospheres through the above roles, that not only answer the doubts, but supply a reason to continue to interact.

So lets hope this speculations are fantasies and even better, that this Secretary of State who has stood firmly to deliver passionately on marriage equality regardless of internal threats and strife within the Conservatives party, stays on in the Coalition government as the struggle has just begun. That legislation need now to be implemented, evaluated, strengthened and completed by adding civil partnership for opposite sex couples, allowing religious bodies to adapt to it and ensuring that the nation understand it through cascaded awareness.

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