Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reforming The [UK] State Welfare System

Looking ahead... are we really?
Over the past months, State welfare and benefits has been the high point of the political discuss with a straight line drawn in the middle between those for and against. The present Coalition government has, in making it a priorities to re-work the benefit system, become the enemy number one. The opposition[s], on the other side, in making it a point to be opposition, has lost objectivity.

For the two camps, what is clear is that their individual ideologies has blinded them from practicing what is purely accepted: the State benefit system need to be reformed, that is no doubt and everyone agrees. But what is difficult however, is for the parties to set aside their indoctrinated ideologies, and work for fairness.

Of course, for a society to progress, the least vulnerable and the weak and poor must be protected. A truly fair and equal society should be one where no neighbour should go to bed hungry; where no kids should starve no matter their birth; these tenets should be a guiding principle and a symbol of solidarity. But in achieving such, fairness should be the procedure so that each stakeholder does not as well as not feel left out, does not feel over-charged either. These two state of feeling at the same time applies to both contributors and recipients at the same time.

For what is at stake in the UK at the moment, the Right wing are too focus on demonizing the recipients of State welfare. On other hand, the Left are focused on demonizing the Right wing. In so doing, the saying that two wrongs does not make a right becomes the outcome.

The benefit system need to be reformed; if for nothing, for the fact that time moves, society changes, needs reshape and eventually, social groupings transforms. Britain of 1940s when the benefit system was developed has changed enormously and over time resemble nothing we can identify. Even the class system has taken a different appearance and would not be recognizable by most of the forefathers.

Introducing propaganda into the reform makes it difficult to achieve anything good. The Left must be a movement that comes up with solution, not just opposition for the sake of it. One would think that the level of intelligence and enlightenment within these movements, objective thinking would be pursued through positive criticism. But the opposite is the norm. The Left just opposition and protest and aggressively withstand any effort for change. But Change is part of life and must happen.

The Right on the other hand, need to leave their self-trust and super-power behind and accept that we were not all born with a silver spoon in our mouths nor with the confidence of the warhorse. The Right must accept and realize that some are born strong, others are born weak. With such realization, the listening skill would be harnessed to ensure that their goal does not becloud the way to it.

In the last few months since this argument about reform started raging, hardly has the Left turn up with one solution; and never had the Right cared to listen to anyone but to follow their goal. It leaves rancour and a capricious society where antagonism ahead of the way. In that state, the goal would not have been achieved by the Right, nor the opposition by the left.

It is time for all to seat together, look at the others' idea with the populace in mind and reach a SOLUTION. It pays no one to use a delicate and very important issue such as a fair society, to play politics of divide-and-rule.

But at this point, Divide-and-Rule is just what both the Coalition government and the Opposition Labour party are employing. The end would be the same failure that has dogged this same issue ever since.

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