Thursday, March 14, 2013

UK Politics: Is Nick Clegg Self-serving?

Nick Clegg holding a pledge to protect tuition
Since the Coalition government in the UK formed in 2010, opinions about Liberal Democrats Party Leader, Nick Clegg, has barely been kind. Poll after poll show his spiraling free-fall from high rating in the run-up to the General election, to a slum level of lows. Ever since then, it has been a mess.

Earlier today on BBCNews24, a political commentator astutely described Nick Clegg as "self-serving"; I couldnt agree more. Aside from openly bringing back 'self-serving' into the media again today, it is a strong belief among ordinary people too, that this man is simply after what he can get. And of course, that would be a tough debate to argue against.

But why? Until the Coalition deal was struck, only a tiny-tiny few believed that the Liberal Democrats would ever join the Conservatives to form a government. Although the Labour party, then led by Gordon Brown, hanging on a loose thread, thought they could still held on to government with a strong belief that the LibDem would not, NOT! form a government with the Tories. How wrong they were..

To the shock of the country, Tories and Labour alike, Right and Left wing, Centre-right or forward, and whatever more spectrum you could imagine, Nick Clegg pandered up to the Conservatives and struck a deal. A deal that must have shocked and eventually quietened Lord Mendelson of Labour party.

In fact, it seemed obvious that even the Conservatives were taken aback at the readiness of Nick Clegg to join them. Osborne and Cameron couldnt quite believe themselves; but grabbed the chance. So their hunger for power, and Nick Clegg desperation for power glued it together with little or no thoughts.

And this is the way all betrayal businesses go; hassled together without detail. The end result is biting now.

Ever since then, Mr Clegg has appeared to be playing for his own personal gains, not even for his party. The man seems to be focused on building his CV. It is so transparent, you can feel the void whenever he says "in national interest".

Now the Coalition is adrift. Yet, neither of the parties can call it a day. The Conservatives, because they are afraid of going back to ask the country for a vote [yet], and the LibDems for the fear of leaving government for another century.

As of today as Press regulation is discussed, Clegg has once again taken a decision that is clearly not on objective thereby triggering the 'self-serving' argument.

Clegg seems to be preparing for another Coalition and thus, positioning himself for the possible lucky bidder... Labour party this time. Voters beware.

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