Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Cardinals To Begin Chosing A New Pope - It Must Be An Orgy

Found in a mailing group email. Source: unknown
Ok, its no more news that the Catholic Church need a new Pope after the former one did a runner. And his resignation, the first in a planet's lifetime surely was not out of humility... the truth is surely on its way.

But with what we now know, it is obvious that sexual perverts lead the Catholic Church. Of course, not all of them do it, but the ones that do not, are possibly complicit by hiding the irresponsibilities and inappropriate behaviours of their fellows.

So I just wonder what these corrupt men lock themselves into a room (is it Sistine Chapel they call it?) to do for days claiming to elect another Pope.

What is so difficult in appointing one of your fun-mates to be a figurehead. After all, he is only just that. It's not like there is openness or inclusion for the alleged 1.2 Billion Catholics in the world. These Cardinals are the Judge, Jury and Executioners. Such an [important] election that do not collect suggestions or nominations from the wider Church; so whats the fuss?

Considering their sexual escapades, as one of them, the [now] Cardinal Emeritus, Keith O'Brien, formerly of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh confirms, the Cardinals [and priests it seems] do 'fall below the sexual standards expected of them as priest, Archbishop and Cardinal.' Since there is a 'sexual standard' it means that with these men locked away in one room, it must be an orgy.

The entire truth may never come out as the secrecy continue. And the reason the secrecy continues is because these sexual abusers and cover-uppers are working hard to keep their secrets secret. However, they are not far from being exposed. The volcano will erupt soon and the gates of hell will not hinder it.

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